Out now...anyone else picking it up?

#1 Posted by BigDaddyTool (41 posts) -

Just bought this one from GOG but I see it's out on Steam as well. Early buzz appears to be positive.

#2 Posted by believer258 (12323 posts) -

Never heard of it.

#3 Posted by keiblerfan69 (52 posts) -

It looks very interesting. The art style really has me wanting it.

#4 Posted by PhantomGardener (472 posts) -

Yeah I'm really tempted to pick this up, looks like some crazy fun.

#5 Posted by BigDaddyTool (41 posts) -

Played a few hours last night and I'm enjoying it thus far. The cutting mechanic works pretty well, as do the hook & rocket tools. For anyone that's unfamiliar with the game here's the launch trailer.

#6 Posted by punkycrisps (29 posts) -

I saw a preview video of this game when it was in beta, and it did look really cool. I was rather taken by surprise when I saw its release yesterday, and since it was cheap I went for it on Steam. I played about an hour and a half of it, and can provide at least some first impressions for the interested.

First and foremost, I love the art style. It's like Ahhhh! Real Monsters to me, if anyone remembers that. Kind of cute/ugly in an endearing way. I especially like the comic book sound-text that accompanies things falling or being acted on. The indie soundtrack is also quite nice. The lo-fi and world tunes fit the art style and tone. The core mechanic of cutting and manipulating the environment is both awesomely and frustratingly full-featured in that you can easily cut away your only path forward without realizing it at times. You can't slice everything, but I definitely never felt like there wasn't enough to cut for my liking.

There are, however, problems with the controls. Most obvious was the feel of the platforming. It's all fairly loose, which makes moving around the ledges that frequently appear tricky and sometimes plain frustrating. The tool controls (using mouse/keyboard-- you can also use a gamepad) don't seem as responsive as you'd want. The biggest example is the gap between when you choose to use your grappling hook to pull something and the actual shooting of the hook. It feels like at least a second, which when you're trying to dislodge much rubble gets tiresome fast.

Given that it's available on Steam for ten bucks, I'd say it is definitely worth it if you find the core mechanics and style to be interesting. The problems with the controls haven't ruined things for me, at least thus far. Though I am a bit worried about the game's length, since it already seems like I'm approaching the end of the story. There are collectibles that I haven't focused on yet, but I don't really like that kind of stuff, so I wouldn't count it towards a good extension of play time.

#7 Posted by UnrealDP (1224 posts) -

Wow, never heard of it, but thanks for introducing it to me, mate. Reminds me of Psychonauts, which is definitely not a bad thing.

#8 Posted by BigDaddyTool (41 posts) -

@punkycrisps: The controls would be the only sticking point for me as well. I'm using a 360 controller and the analog sticks are a tad too responsive for me, which has led to falling off a few cliffs, cutting the wrong thing, etc on a few occasions.

Fortunately the game seems to checkpoint pretty liberally and reloads are quick, so it hasn't been a game-breaker for me.

#9 Posted by Rmack (1078 posts) -

@punkycrisps: Thanks for the info! I'll stick it in my wishlist for now. Lord knows I'll buy it someday and right now might be bad timing considering that whenever the Summer Steam sale comes I'm gonna go broke.

#10 Posted by Twinsun (505 posts) -

Just finished it, not a very long game, but the artstyle and core mechanic is enough to make the experience as a whole worth it imo.

#11 Posted by Bravestar (382 posts) -

played through it and really enjoyed it. pretty short, but I'm sure there are a lot of secrets I didn't find. just spent 30 minutes in the first level and found a secret room and a tape. will go back tomorrow to see what I can find in some other levels.

I totally agree the controls are rather imprecise, which makes platforming a bit frustrating at times. I died so many times, because of the controls. but it's not so bad it's unbearable, just something I'd like to see improved on in the inevitable sequel.

the rest of the game is very charming though. I love the artstyle, the lo-fi music, everything fits together perfectly. a fun little game and I will look out for whatever comes next from black pants studio. worth my 10 euros for sure.

#12 Posted by Downside (46 posts) -

Played through it in one sitting. It was fun, if you don't mind putting $10 down on a 2ish hour experience definitely recommend it.

#13 Posted by kre8havoc (174 posts) -

It's really fun just to me around in.

#14 Posted by WilyBoy (163 posts) -

I bought this immediately after watching the quick look. I really enjoy it, but I'm experiencing some frequent and random crashing that is preventing me from making much progress. Anyone else have this problem?

#15 Posted by Getz (3176 posts) -

Yes, with my hands. Because it is corporeal. And not just software.

#16 Posted by Vlaphor (197 posts) -

I picked it up from GOG after watching the quicklook. Enjoyed it for the three or so hours it took me to beat it. The level where you have to go down kinda sucks, but other than that I can recommend it.

#17 Posted by eccentrix (1641 posts) -

I don't know how you people were rushing through it, but I spent two hours on the first level.

#18 Posted by Binman88 (3693 posts) -

This game is awesome, but short. Can't believe there wasn't more buzz about it.

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