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Tiptup first appeared in Diddy Kong Racing, where he helped Diddy and co. combat the evil Wizpig. At this time, Tiptup was presumably visiting the island like Diddy Kong, Krunch, and Banjo were, since it is revealed in Banjo-Kazooie that Tiptup lives in Bubblegloop Swamp. When Tiptup returns to his homeland after the events of DKR, he spends most of his time living inside Tanktup, conducting the turtle chorus that resides there. Banjo can win a Jiggy by beak busting the chorus members in a specific order.

After Banjo obtains Tiptup's jiggy in Banjo-Kazooie, Tiptup leaves Bubblegloop Swamp for unknown reasons. In Banjo-Tooie, an adult Tiptup can be found in Turtle View Cave of Jolly Roger's Lagoon. He is overcome with distress due to an unhatched egg, but Kazooie hatches it herself and Tiptup Jr. is born. Tiptup and Tiptup Jr. swim into the ocean, leaving behind a Jiggy.

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