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Diablo 2.5! 1

Titan Quest begins with a familiar formula and progressively introduces a couple of interesting methods of playing the same adventure hack & slash in a way that is comfortable but interesting.  If you've played entries in the Diablo series, you will immediately feel at home in Titan Quest. This is not a bad thing, as Titan Quest does try to introduce some welcome game mechanics, such as the Mastery system, which allows you to travel up to two of eight different paths, creating 28 possible c...

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Why I quit playing Titan Quest 0

 It's hard not to get caught up in the hype surrounding either Starcraft 2 or Diablo III, but of the two releases, I've found my excitement for Diablo has been far exceeding that of Starcraft even though I've never played a Diablo game. That I've never played Diablo probably has a lot to do with it, in fact---I played Starcraft extensively when it was first released, and so I know what to expect with Starcraft 2. Diablo III and the hack-and-slash RPG genre that it lords over, on the other hand, ...

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TQ: Proof an Excellent Game Can Fail. 0

Titan Quest is a Diablo clone.  It is true.  But out of the clones, it is the best of them.Titan Quest is an excellent hack-and-slash action-RPG that did most things right.  It had an awesome character development system that allowed you to make hybrid characters if you like.  The world is huge and expansive and inviting to replayability, this despite that the game's levels are static - meaning the layout of the gameworld never changes.  The game's difficulty ramps up very smooth and never makes...

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A bit difficult at times, but great hack and slash action! 0

When I hear the words, "It's like Diablo," I definitely get interested.  Diablo 2 remains one of my most-played games of all time, and I crave hack-and-slash RPG's in a similar vein.  Thankfully, Titan Quest offers up a sizable, fun experience very much "like Diablo."GRAPHICSFor the most part, Titan Quest is a very pretty game.  It doesn't do anything too technically impressive, and its style isn't going to make anyone stand up and sing to the heavens.  But overall, it's very solid, I genuinely ...

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Titan Quest : Great storyline and good game engine 0

First, there is no way to avoid comparing Titan Quest to Diablo and Dungeon Siege series. It is the same basic templateand mostly the same engine that was used to create Titan Quest but with a different setup and context. You are now fighting against Satyrs, Cyclops and Centaurs in the Greek/Egyptian region. The basics of the game are quite simples; witch is the best part of the game according to me.Gameplay: Simple, intuitive, fast and sharp. One example is when you create a character using a r...

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A total blast until you can't take anymore. 1

[Note: This review is of both Titan Quest and its expansion, Immortal Throne, together.]Titan Quest distills everything that is addicting and innately fun about World of Warcraft and Diablo II into pure kill-loot-kill joy. It can get a little repetitive over time, but there's no question TQ delivers the goods so enjoy it until your brain can't take anymore.First and foremost, TQ gets the classes right. Branching skill trees, varied play mechanics and dual-class combinations are a min/max-er's ge...

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