I don't understand the hype

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People have always and will always just naturally and instinctively love the simple multiplayer shooter that allows them to run around a small confined landscape or building, shooting or getting shot. The Modern Warfare love is there, but a certain twist was needed to refresh the formula.

That twist is BF2142 mechs and Tribes Ascend jetpacks. Based on the gameplay I've seen, this is the same hyper run-and-gun shooter most people love, only a few gameplay additions and a new fresh IP title is what people needed to play a Call of Duty game without feeling shame :P

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the things i see influencing the positive perception:

-the OG CoD pedigree

-the pacing (it looks like a faster FPS- more akin something like a Quake than recent FPSes)

-the overall sci-fi vibe...i think most are just burned on realistic and gritty contemporary shooters. and mechs are sweet, bro.

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Now I love me some BF2142, I still do but there is no way in hell I could compare BF2142 and Titanfall to each other.
Well besides the obvious like they both have guns and they're FPS games, that's it. The Titans don't look like the Walkers, at all, in BF2142,
No jetpacking in 2142 either, wall running, mechs falling from the sky and me being able to just eject out of one and jump onto another Titan.

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Fast mechs?

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^^The Quake vibe also has me interested in it.

It looks like a fun game that is trying to do something different amid the glut of modern warfare shooters. For that, it has my interest.

Also, the game itself looks really fun and polished.

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Would be the one game to make me even consider an Xbox One. Are Respawn platform exclusive for a trilogy or something? Because if they're not I have to hyped for a multiplatform Titanfall 2

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Shooting a dude after he ejects out of his titan. Or ripping his ass out and throwing him into a wall.

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@kmg90: I agree. I don't see it either. Which I stated a few other topics.

But it is a Microsoft EXCLUSIVE, so HYPE TRAIN. That is the only real explanation as far as I am concerned. Because it doesn't even look like the most fun, or best looking MP game at E3.

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Cool you like Battlefield 2142. Congrats. You look cultured and like you have a sophisticated taste in your archaic game choices.

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The publisher is EA, not MS Studios or anything like that. As, I think, Jeff alluded to on the E3 Day One podcast, there's a high likelihood that Titanfall 2 will be multiplat, just like most early gen exclusives went multiplatform last time around. I'd personally bet that Titanfall will eventually be ported to the PS4, if only to hype up people before Titanfall 2 release. And, of course, there's always the PC version.

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@doctorchimp: Goddamn, why the need to act like an asshole? The guy wasn't pedantic at all and was questioning the nearly unanimous enthusiasm around this game, I think that's a fair inquiry - although I'm quite excited about Titanfall. Is referencing a game released more than 10 years ago automatically considered pretentious now?

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Titans usually rise. This game has the mind to ask us: What happens when titans FALL?

Seriously, though, it just looks solid and fun.

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If you can't see what makes the game look fun or unique after watching the gameplay, then I dont know what to tell you. Maybe stick to 2142.

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There wasn't that much else to get excited about. I think all the PS4/xbone fuss has kind of distracted from the mediocre games showing.

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I had the same feelings toward the game. It looked good, just not amazing. The Titans especially looked underwhelming. That said, hearing the team on the E3 podcast did increase my interest.

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Fast mechs and vertical traversal from the dudes that made my absolute favorite (arguably one of the very best; definitely the most influential) FPS in a decade.

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Looks like Call of Duty with jetpacks and giant mechs. That's awesome!

And no, I'm not being sarcastic. As I won't be buying an Xbox One, I personally hope the series comes to PS4.

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@cosmokramer: It was also the most exciting game at Microsofts conference but I believe a port or later release on PS4 is likely because in conference they said "First on Xbox One" meaning sounding more time exclusive-y.

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It looks really, really fun to play.

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@jouseldelka: The jetpacks in Tribes are far more advanced and essential to the gameplay. The jetpacks in Titanfall seems to just act as an excuse for them to include wall running and double jumps.

@mercutio123: Duder just get it on the PC. Don't waste your money on an Xbox One.

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@expensiveham: Think I may use it as my excuse to build my first gaming rig

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Why does there need to be a conspiracy around this? Who cares if there have been other sci-fi first-person shooters in the history of video games, that doesn't mean people can't be excited for this one. Sometimes your opinion isn't going to be the popular one, sometimes it is. That is the way the world works.

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I was more interested before I saw how run and gun the gameplay was. I prefer a more tactical experience. SP might be all right, though, and I think that huge world war scenarios that have progressively made COD more ridiculous will fit better in a fictional setting.

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I think the fact that it was made by the same people who made Call of Duty 4, one of the most important games of the last decade (maybe of all-time), probably has something to do with it.

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It looks like Brink with mechs.

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I don't really get the hype either, but then again I don't really like most shooters that fall in line with Call of Duty. Also, "it looks cool and fun" isn't really enough to want me to play a game. I already have plenty of games that are fun so I can pick out plenty that have variety. If the titan mechanics end up being something interesting and unique maybe I would give it a go on my PC.

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Robots. You get inside them.

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I don't either, but that just tells me this isn't a game for me. I'm sure there are games I'm anticipating that others aren't. Just makes me right and them wrong.

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I don't think you understand, The robots grab you and put you inside them. Another reason is of course the team behind it. They made the most influential game this past generation and seeing them do something else warrants people to stand up and take notice. Really though, I can understand it not looking that interesting. I personally thought it looked okay, but I'd actually have to play it to be sure. The great thing is though, there's a ton of other exciting games to pay attention to.

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It's the way they blend the mech and on foot stuff, plus the maneuverability that you just don't see that much these days. It doesn't look like any SciFi FPS that I've played.

I especially don't see the comparison to 2142. 2142 was a much more deliberately paced game (except when it devolved into an infinite barrage of grenades).

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*shrugs* Me neither. It looks like weird mesh of a lot FPS and a mech-game. Meh, I don't get it.

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@spaceinsomniac: @rabidcentipede: @mercutio123: Duders, it's also coming to PC if you happen to have/are planning on getting one of those.

On topic: My answer is jetpacks + light parkour + mechs + big ass guns + Call of Duty 4's speed. How does that sound boring in any way, shape, or form? It looks like it's injecting those first four things into the CoD run-and-gun gameplay and making it fun again. It's not necessarily wholly original, but the trailer just looks fun to play. Not "fun to watch" or "playing for the story", just plain fun to play.

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it has jetpacks and you can run on walls also mechs

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Me neither.. it's cod with mechs, ok I guess if you're in that sort of thing.

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Haven't really seen much footage of it, but I'm cold on what I did see. It looks cool, but more like Call of Duty 1.x than 2.0, in my opinion. I bet it will be big with the CoD/Halo crowd, it just didn't do all that much for me (of what I've seen). No campaign also kind of bums me out. So I guess I get the hype, it's just not for me.

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Titanfall looks like how movies think videogames will look in the future. I'm excited to try it.

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I love BF2142 (My favorite BF game), and even I think you're comparison is crazy.

I'm super excited for Titanfall because it looks like the best CoD game since CoD 4, which was also the last CoD game I cared about.

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Reminds me of the neat quirky gameplay from Section 8, but is actually super polished with pretty graphics.

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