PS3/4 Dev Kit possibly sighted in Dev video?

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I played Titanfall at Gamescom and I can say it looks like it's going to be incredible. Only reason why I was considering to maybe get a Xbox One but now as the rumours talk about a PS4 port I decided to wait it out and stick with my initial PS4 gut-feeling. In a recent Titanfall Developer interview one shot focuses on people working on Titanfall, in that shot can also be seen a DualShock and a blurred out console.

If it turns out to be a PS4 I'd lose my shit. Anyone whose sure to get a PS4 that interested in Titanfall?


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Not PS4. This is taken like a year ago. They have all the systems in the office. And play them all.

You can tell its not PS4 because there is no light bar on the controller.

Dude chill out. If Titan Fall does not come to PS4 Titan Fall 2 will.

You know what would be awesome? Cross Console Titan Fall.

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It's probably safe to say that Titanfall will come to PS4 at some point unless MS dishes out serious money to EA. Which they actually might, considering all the good press it's getting and just how fucking amazing it looks. But just because they have aPS3 in the office doesn't mean they're developing for it. All studios will have the consoles in their office, I think that's a part of being a developer.

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Unless Microsoft puts a billion dollars on the table - ballpark figure (of speech) - Titanfall will come to PS4. I mean they could simply buy Respawn Entertainment, if they are for sale, that is.

Other than that, there's really nothing to this exclusivity. Dude - the Titanfall cloud shit they're talking about? It's merely dedicated servers. Battlefield has had dedicated servers on consoles since its debut. EA will run a few of their own, and have deals with local ISPs to rent them to players too, for sure. Or just coax Sony into running the dedicated servers for them.

The cross-promotional benefits for EA and Respawn are insane, priceless really. While Microsoft gets its killer application for the Xbox One (at the very least temporarily), Titanfall is the highest profile game on the circuit - because it's currently an exclusive, and it holds the prestigious role of being the Xbox One's first killer app.

These circumstances raise the profile of Titanfall way beyond what it would have been, if the franchise had launched as a multiplatform title. Of course it helps that it looks incredibly exciting (at least to competitive online multiplayer FPS fans like myself).

Everybody who has even a passing interest in gaming will know Titanfall, regardless of if they prefer Xbox One or Playstation 4, because it will serve as differentiator, a game we will talk about profusely.

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@seppli: Don't they have a billion dollars reserved for funding game development on their platform? They could just use that to buy exclusive rights to the Titanfall franchise!

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It'd be nice to see Titanfall come to the Ps4, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon if at all.

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@probablytuna said:

@seppli: Don't they have a billion dollars reserved for funding game development on their platform? They could just use that to buy exclusive rights to the Titanfall franchise!

I don't think the Respawn guys would go for it. They're bound to make more money longterm if they stay indipendent. The whole point of forming Respawn Entertainment was to be able to make the game they wanted to make in the first place. To retain creative control.

If Titanfall proves successful in the market, it will become prohibitively expensive for Microsoft to keep Titanfall a platform exclusive. They'll likely go the *Best on Xbox One* route, that's worked so well for them with Call of Duty in the past. Either way, Titanfall is poised for greatness.

It would also be entirely too short-sighted to spend that kind of dough on just the one front. Microsoft has to fund efforts into getting into the *family with kids* market too. The RPG market. And so forth. They're not gonna drop the figurative or literal billon on Titanfall, which has yet to prove itself in the market. Will it generate phenomenal sales, or just phenomenal hype? A question that still remains unanswered.

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You can clearly see the player 1/2/3/4 lights along the top, and there is no light bar. It's not a PS4 controller. And a PS3 controller could be there for any number of reasons completely unrelated to the game coming to PS3.

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That thing looks more like a PC case with the lights along the top and Logitech makes dark plastic controllers that look a lot like a PS3/360 controller.

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My interest in Titanfall evaporated once it was confirmed it would be multiplayer only. Maybe I'll get if on PC once the price comes down or it goes on sale, but it's been years since I've regularly played a multiplayer game for more than a week or so and I am sure as hell not paying $60 for a game that doesn't even have singleplayer.

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