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I figured GB user would be the best to play Titanfall with once it comes out! My username is tomydingo

Mod Edit: Retitled and pinning this since it appears to have been unofficially adopted as the username exchange for PC Titanfall players.

#2 Posted by ikilledthedj (292 posts) -


Vic - Australia tho

#3 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2492 posts) -


#4 Posted by aesthetic_noise (73 posts) -

bump, not too many duders on Origin?

#5 Posted by Syndrom (361 posts) -

vvolvenkind (vv not a w)

europe player.

#6 Edited by Consaw (250 posts) -

I have like 4 friends on Origin so I'll throw my name in too.

Consaw - US central

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In the beta playing on and off. Central time zone.

#8 Posted by bombedyermom (239 posts) -


Let's drop bombs together!

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I played a lot over the weekend, and I'll probably keep that up until the beta is over. Already have the game pre-ordered too.

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I missed the beta window but I plan to hope on it goes public. Game is preordered though.

Origin: jou321 (east coast US)

Send me an invite, everyone accepted.

#11 Posted by Aristotled (35 posts) -

Aristotledd, been playing in hour chunks or so, seem to get super hot and stomp, then get super cold and get my hopes shattered

#12 Posted by ComradePenguin (9 posts) -

BertieFilibuster. Only just started playing and I am rather useless at FPS but this has just enough that I'm not a total ball and chain on my team.

#13 Posted by nophilip (122 posts) -

Just added everybody in the thread.

Origin name: Nophilip1

I'm eastern US

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tennysonjm eastern US

#15 Posted by Beanpants (64 posts) -

arosenlund, Northwest United States.

#16 Posted by Syndrom (361 posts) -

vvolvenkind, west eu

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Same as here.

#18 Posted by slndr (63 posts) -

slndr - east US

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#20 Edited by CaptainThunderpants (77 posts) -


Eastern US

#21 Posted by Calles89 (22 posts) -


Central US

I have like 2 origin friends :(

#22 Posted by Fredddi43 (336 posts) -


Secret garage somewhere in Europe.

#23 Posted by adamfedoruk (219 posts) -


Southeast US

#24 Edited by Necrotron (20 posts) -

I'll be playing Titanfall too as soon as my Amazon box copy arrives.

Feel free to add me: Necrotron

From California

#25 Posted by TooSweet (388 posts) -

I'll add some of you guys tonight. I don't have any friends playing. Mine is CheetoStains on the US, East Coast.

#26 Posted by Triumvir (486 posts) -

Triumvirus (take my name here and add "us")

Eastern North America!

#27 Edited by Colourful_Hippie (4368 posts) -


US East

#28 Edited by Paganostaghetti (3 posts) -


Western US

#29 Posted by Longevitous (124 posts) -


West US

#30 Posted by MEANL3R (10 posts) -

I'm down. I don't have any origin friends yet.

Origin name: BeakedSumo


#31 Posted by gray013 (4 posts) -

Origin Name: gray0013


#32 Posted by crcruz3 (281 posts) -



#33 Edited by Consaw (250 posts) -


US Central

#34 Edited by Tearhead (2169 posts) -

Origin name: Tearhead

#35 Posted by ReCkLeSs_X (460 posts) -


Let's play!

#36 Posted by Andorski (5331 posts) -

Origin ID: Andorski

Also, we should probably just organize a GB Game Night this Friday, because I have no plans this Friday.

#37 Posted by Wrenchfarm (15 posts) -

Origin name - wrenchfarm

Would really love to drop with a group. I have a feeling game modes like Hardpoint and Last Titan Standing would benefit tremendously from a little more coordination.

#38 Posted by Sarnecki (693 posts) -

My Origin name is Sarneckai, which is like my name, but only with a sick ass dope A right in the end there.


#39 Posted by DoctorDonkey (296 posts) -

Origin ID: DoctahDonkey

I'm down for hardcore parkour!

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Origin ID: Boatorious


#42 Posted by iceman228433 (616 posts) -

Orgin ID: iceman2284

#43 Posted by OurSin_360 (918 posts) -

Origin name - Oursin

Central time, don't have much time to play though maybe some weekends and from 7-10 after work (sometimes). Haven't tried any of the new modes yet but i really only liked hardpoint in the beta.

I also play with a controller cause i got it like that man.

#44 Posted by Embraze7 (7 posts) -

Origin ID: Embraze7

I'm usually online most evenings and weekends.

#45 Posted by Splodge (1637 posts) -

Origin name: SplodgeLad I'm on European servers, but feel free to add me if you are from I dunno... Canada. Or North Korea. That would be great.

#46 Posted by Kenobi (378 posts) -

I added you all. I am Kenobi

#47 Posted by Triumvir (486 posts) -

@andorski: That'd be great. I could definitely spare a few hours to shoot some duders and their mech buddies.

#48 Posted by roninenix (120 posts) -

Origin: roninenix00

south west US

#49 Posted by Quemador (168 posts) -


I play on the evening/Weekends

#50 Posted by aesthetic_noise (73 posts) -

Thanks for all the adds, I've sent a request to most of the replies, but mainly the ones that are on similar servers as me. I now have more Origin friends than I do on Steam!

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