misterindie's Titanfall (Xbox One) review

Excellent FPS action!

Titanfall is that rare game that keeps me coming back for more. It's hard to describe how fast and fluid the action is in this game. It is a ton of fun just navigating and running around the excellent maps of this game. The parkour nature of the movement is just thrilling. The shooting mechanics are spot on and have some real weight to them. The game modes are all fun and supposedly there are more being developed that Respawn has said will be part of a free update. The graphics are great and lend themselves well to the cool art style. All this talk about Titanfall is making me have to go play it some more!


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    by Eli Ghahramani It’s difficult to believe it’s been a solid four years since Infinity Ward disintegrated due to the unfortunate curse of success and even harder to believe that Call of Duty 4 changed console first-person shooters forever almost six and-a-half-years-ago. The first IP developer Respawn Entertainment, the ex-key members of the Infinity Ward team, has ever conceived finally arrived in the form of Titanfall. And while it certainly doesn't stack up to its unrealistic ex...

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    If you like multilayer games and want to play a game similar to Call of Duty but has a twist, Titanfall is for you. But if you like a good campaign to go along with a great multi-player, then Titanfall is not the best pick. The online is great! The Titans are fun, I haven't had any lag problems, and finding a match is quick. Also the customization options for weapons and Titans in this game are good. However, the campaign, sucked, like sucked a lot. I do not like the online campaign because it ...

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