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Titania appears many times in the Star Fox series. In Star Fox 64, it can only be found on the easy route after Sector X. The stage is a rescue mission to save Slippy Toad after his ship was damaged during a boss fight. Players use the Landmaster Tank to scour the desert while Peppy and Falco search from the air. The stage is a rugged place full of rocks, landmines, and collapsing ruins. Bombers fly overhead while enemies like desert crawlers and laser towers cover the ground. A canyon toward the end of the stage is constantly bombed by rock throwing enemies on higher ground. Slippy appears at the end of the stage in the clutches of the boss, Goras. Defeating the Goras will take players to Bolse.
The history of Titania appears in the Star Fox 64 official Nintendo player's guide. It's described a lush green world occupied by an advanced civilization that built stone monuments. They also constructed temples where they would leave food to the Goras so that it wouldn't attack them. This cycle came to an end after an asteroid hit Titania and turned the thriving planet into a desert wasteland only the Goras could survive. Millions of years later, Andross got his hands on the Goras and modified it with experiments in hopes it would make a valuable weapon.
Planetary Information on Titania:

  • Radius: 4,397
  • Albedo: 0.15
  • Gravity: 0.48
  • Esc Velocity: 6.79 skm/s
  • Equilibrium K: 226
  • Atmosphere: N230 0223 CO223
  • Hydrographics: 0%
  • Biomass: 355 Quads
  • Class: D

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