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Age: 25

Height: 6'1" (185 cm)

Weight: 220 lbs. (100 kg)

Enhancements: Cybernetic implants in both arms after sustaining severe injury to both of them.


Mother: Deceased

Father: Deceased

Siblings: Three sisters and two brothers

Killer Instinct

T.J. Combo had a hard knock life starting with being raised by a single mother after his father's death. Sustaining their life by working minimum wage jobs as a family they all seeked a better life. T.J. in particular dreamed of becoming a boxing champion in order to make riches to keep his mother from having to work so hard. His first attempts at being a boxer fail and he received severe injuries to both his arms making him unable to compete for a time.

Going to his sister Karen, who works with Ultratech, he receives cybernetic implants and re-enters the boxing ring with much success.

Combo was an undisputed Heavyweight Champion in the ABA (American Boxing Association) for five years. Later on in his career, they discovered he was using cybernetic implants in his arms so he was stripped of the title and his riches.

With all wealth and fame now gone he seeks another way to use his abilities and discovers the upcoming Killer Instinct Tournament hosted by Ultratech. Since Ultratech was almost all powerful, he realizes this could be his way back to the top. He qualifies to enter and succeeds.

During this tournament he defeats Riptor in battle.

Killer Instinct 2

Combo attempts to destroy Ultratech HQ after realizing they are truly evil. Once Eyedol was defeated elsewhere, Combo and Ultratech are pushed back into the past 2000 years. Combo now seeks a way home before he is trapped in the past forever.

Special Moves


FP= Fierce Punch FK= Fierce Kick

MP= Medium Punch MK= Medium Kick

QP= Quick Punch QK=Quick Kick

T.J. Combo's move list primarily consists of charge moves. This makes him a defensive character in some ways but allows for aggressive attacks once he reacts. Charging consisted of 2 second holds on the joystick either on the back or forward motion.

Powerline - Back charge time then Forward FP

Rollercoaster - Back charge time then Forward QP

Triple Rollercoaster - Back charge time then Forward QP

Spinfist - Back charge time then Forward QP

Triple Spinfist - Forward charge time then back QP QP

Flying Knee - Back charge time then Forward QK or FK

Knee K.O. - Back charge time then Forward MK

Turn Around Punch - Forward charge time then back QP

Cyclone - Charge FP, then release it

Punching Bag - Repeatedly hitting QP

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