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T.K. Baha lives on his own on the planet Pandora, in a vegetable farm near the small town of Fyrestone, and is constantly pestered by the skags and bandits of Skag Gully. Baha lost his leg while hunting a powerful skag, managing to drive it off by stabbing it in the eye, although amazingly, it survived. After getting fitted for a prosthetic leg by Dr. Zed, Baha immediately set off to kill the skag, which had been nicknamed ' Scar' thanks to the fairly gnarly one left on its face by his knife. Amazingly, it managed to tear off his leg - the same leg - again, and cheekily made off with his prosthetic. Baha crawled back to his farmhouse, and now sits there, sending adventurers on various quests. Exactly how he lost his sight is unknown, but the scars on his face suggest it was a skag attack. 
Baha apparently had a wife at one point, but she died somehow, and was buried in a solitary grave in Skag Gully. Baha can no longer remember his wife's name, but he does remember that he hid her favorite weapon, a repeating pistol called "Lady Finger", behind her tombstone.
 After Dr. Zed leaves Fyrestone and moves to New Haven, T.K. Baha is killed by bandits but eventually, reanimated as a zombie by " Dr. Ned".

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