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Much like real life, it's no WWE 0

For years, WWE has ruled the world of professional wrestling with an iron fist.  This has fallen over into the video gaming world and there has not been any competition for sometime now.  Enter TNA.  For those of you who are not die hard wrestling fans, TNA are a wrestling promotion based in Orlando, Florida who are the only company that come close to touching the WWE these days.  Thanks to the great folks at Midway, TNA decided to test WWE’s metal by releasing their own video game.  Unfortunat...

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TNA iMPACT delivers on good gameplay but fails on everything else 1

TNA has started to really take the wrestling business by story.A company started by the great Jeff Jarret, TNA has skyrocketed due to big superstars like AJ Styles,Christian Cage,Sting,Samoa Joe, and many other great superstars.Mostly coming from their rival company, WWE.Alright enough of this BS, time to talk about their new video-game, TNA iMPACT!I want to start off by saying, I'm a huge wrestling(Both TNA and WWE)fan so this review is gonna have a lot of nit-picking.Let's talk about the main ...

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The wrestling hard impact action saves it from mediocrity. 0

I realized how crazy Nintendo's wrestling has gone into. It starts back as early as WCW/NWO Revenge which you get to customized the looks and WWF Wrestlemania 2000 with unique moves to pull off and WWF No Mercy despite its bugs allows you to also make female fighters. Once AKI left, the first two game, Wrestlemania 18 and 19 has mixed results with the new developer Yukes. Day of Reckoning and its sequel resolves this by adding body image depth and stamina. As a shock, out of all the console vers...

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Once apon a time, people cared about Kurt Angle 0

TNA Impact : (or if you want to be more precise, TNA iMPACT! I guess) A wrestling video game based on the promotion trying to be the second-rate knockoff…or rather the “alternative” to the WWE. Story : Yes they’ve conjured up a rather bizarre story for this one, and it feels like it came right out of the imagination of Vince Russo. A wrestler named “Suicide” ignores threats to take a fall and wins the World Heavyweight championship, despite having terrible attire and the attitude of a jerk that ...

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TNA iMPACT Review 0

 After years of us having to put up with the crap THQ put out in Smackdown vs. RAW series, we now have a new wrestling game out on the market, TNA iMPACT! The game itself uses the Unreal Engine and since this is the first wrestling game Midway have made to this standard, we can’t really compare it to Smackdown vs. Raw. Remember when Smackdown first appear on Playstation. It was the first in the series and so is this. TNA Box ArtFor those of you that haven’t heard of TNA before, here’s a little ...

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A Very Shallow Experience 0

TNA has long been trying to compete with TNA, basically signing anybody who leaves the WWE, either willingly (Christian) or due to the WWE basically releasing them/burying them (Booker T) or the WWE basically telling them to leave or accept drug counseling (Angle). The matches can be high-octane affairs, but with a tendency to have a very "Seen it before" vibe if you watch more than a few weeks. The writing is amongst the dumbest on the planet, making the gibberish the WWE churns out seem like S...

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TNA Impact Review 2

Is this game Good Or Bad Lets find out Shall we.First thing you will Notice once you pop this game in is Just How Great it Looks epically in HD Anyway This game is limited in some areas and i will explane in just a moment alright lets start off with the match types you got Ultimate X Ultimate X FFA Then you got Singles tag team falls count anywhere and online that sums it up right there im dissapointed in the limited match types but there fun to play still just wish midway had included more ok...

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TNA: Total Nonstop Annoyance 0

When TNA was established back in May of 2002, they were WWE’s biggest competition. The WWE already had a huge fan base, and sold out more shows, but TNA kept fighting, and is now close behind WWE. Some consider TNA better than WWE, some may disagree. But that doesn’t matter. The WWE was dominant for the beginning years. They had a bigger fan base, more wrestlers, and they had wrestling video games. TNA has recently teamed up with Midway to bring another wrestling game into our homes, a frustrati...

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A decent start, but only for TNA and wrestling fans. 0

Back when I actually gave any attention to wrestling, the games market for sports entertainment was one of variety in terms of quality and the developers making them. There was also the fact that WWE hadn’t bought WCW and ECW either, and so each had their own titles. Since that fateful transition however, the sports entertainment corner of the video game market has suffered in terms of delivering varied experiences. In fact for the past five years, the standard has been pretty much set and raise...

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There stuff wrong with it, but not a bad first try I guess. 0

ProsIt plays faster then the competition, if the slower speed of the WWE games bothered you. TNA Wrestlers faithfully recreated. Story is slightly more interesting then you'd expect from a wrestling game. ConsCreate A Wrestler is pretty crap, both in terms of cosmetics and moves you can assign. Not a great diversity in match types. Stupid Tag Team AI. Doesn't appear the Knock Out division is represented. To you that might be a good thing, but to me it just reeks of lack of effort and lets face ...

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TNA Impact a good change 0

If you ever really wanted a wrestling game there was really only one choice the WWE's Smackdown vs RAW game each year a new game would come out and I would rush out to get my latest wrestling fix. Luckly TNA has brought out their new game out with TNA you get stars like AJ Styles, Sting and the Dudley Brothers. I love these guys as they are awsome at their jobs and as I played the game I found most of them locked but thats ok we wouldnt want no work to do so we play through the story mode. In th...

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