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TNA iMPACT delivers on good gameplay but fails on everything else

TNA has started to really take the wrestling business by story.A company started by the great Jeff Jarret, TNA has skyrocketed due to big superstars like AJ Styles,Christian Cage,Sting,Samoa Joe, and many other great superstars.Mostly coming from their rival company, WWE.Alright enough of this BS, time to talk about their new video-game, TNA iMPACT!
I want to start off by saying, I'm a huge wrestling(Both TNA and WWE)fan so this review is gonna have a lot of nit-picking.
Let's talk about the main thing that Midway was gonna work on and that was the gameplay.It's great--kinda.The gameplay is great during regular exhibitions (Besides some really unrealistic reversals) but in the other two game modes it sucks.Yea, that's right only three game modes, Story,online, and regular exhibitions.Now I'll talk about the online in a little bit, but now I want to talk about the story mode.Your Suicide, and LAX beats the hell out of you and leave you in Mexico and you don't remember anything...except your a wrestler and every single move you knew before, of course besides your "Amazing" finisher, the DOA.You start off in a Lucha Libre type match and it's a gauntlet match where people keep coming in and you then beat the hell out of them with really no effort at all--at first!Then you head over to the armory, and after beating these two horribly created wrestlers, James Storm comes in and is "Scouting" people and you have to beat him to get a shot at TNA.That, my friend, is just the beginning of the repetitiveness and loads of frustrating matches.Next you have to beat some more wannabes and then you fight Jay Lethal, this match isn't as hard as the James Storm match but is still pretty frustrating.After you beat him your in the TNA!And that is the point where I'll stop with the story because I don't want to give away any spoilers.All I'll say is you later on tag with Eric Young which is a good transition to my next most hated thing of this game, tag-matches.Oh my god they are horrible.Your partner just decides to come in and help you sometimes and mostly the times he doesn't help you are the times where the opponent does his finisher.That's not a lot of reasons why I hate the tag-matches but just play +10 tag matches and you'll understand why I hate these tag-matches so bad.Something else that really bugged me in this game is no female superstars.Knockout's are really the biggest and best women wrestlers in all of wrestling entertainment and I would love to pit Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim or something like that.The number of matches in this game also annoyed me.All there is Standard Match,Tag-Team,Free For All,Ultimate X,Ultimate X FFA,Submission,Falls Count Anywhere,FCA Tag,and Handicap match.And also where's all the great weapons TNA has in real life?All we get is a chair!?!?
Singleplayer:2 and a half stars

Multiplayer:It's bad, I mean that pretty much sums it up.The online is decent if you can actually find a match that will not lag out in 5 seconds.All around the multiplayer was really tedious and annoying.
Multiplayer:1 and a half stars

Re-play value:Again I will describe this in a couple of words(Or really, just one word),none.I would be surprised if you have enough patience to get through the incredibly frustrating story mode.The online definitely doesn't help the lack of re-play value
Re-play value:1 and a half star

End it!Well I'm glad to finally get my final words on this game.All-in-all this game was pretty bad.This is a pass for anybody that's not a fan of wrestling, and a rent for all the wrestling fans.Time to sell this and fully pre-order LittleBigPlanet!Thanks for reading, if you have any questions PM me or post them in the comments below.
Final Score:2 stars

Posted by pill92

nice work

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