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"We are not here to play God..." 0

The story in a lot of games is an afterthought, merely glue to hold together the various gameplay elements or the backdrop to a training exercise for multiplayer. Freebird Games’ “To the Moon” flips this, the story is the main attraction, and the gameplay as the glue. For almost any other game, this is a recipe for disaster. Surprisingly, the story of “To the Moon” is worthy of being the main attraction and the actual game is the perfect supporting act. This combined with an art style that chann...

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Games as art. 0

Most games only use the story or the plot device as a means to an end. That end being getting the player to progress further in whatever game-play element is the showcase of the game. Not so in To the Moon. In this fantastic RPG/interactive story game the plot is front and center and the rest of the game-play revolves around it, instead of the opposite.A dying man's dreams and the life he lived are the centerpiece for the story. A tale of regret, loss, longing and celebration are all main themes...

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Great Story, Not Much Gameplay 0

To play "To the Moon" for the story is thinking in the right direction; it is indeed very engaging, humorous, tear-jerking, and just enough nods to classic 16-bit era games. The lack of more game mechanics beyond simple movement, interaction and one type of puzzle may be off-putting to more hardcore gamers, though. Bought it on Steam while it was on sale, no regrets. Would have been irked if I had payed full price ($9.99 US). Recommended as a good way to kill a few hours, but don't expect to si...

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Avocado Pie 0

Avocado pie sounds gross. It's not though. I made it. It's delicious. It's different than the normal stuff, but it's good. The trick is convincing people to try something different. To the Moon is a visual novel type of game. The player must click on items on the screen in order to move forward with the story. Other than a jarring, late game action sequence, there isn't much more to this. However, the writing does stand out and tells the story of a tragic relationship as seen through the eyes of...

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This hit me hard 0

This game hit me hard. It hit me damn hard. There has been precisely two other times in my life which I have felt the way that this game made me feel.The first was when I lost my Dog to CancerThe second was.... well... I won't go into that.To the Moon is not really a video game. Yes, you control a character, but there is no way to "lose" the game. The puzzles are incredibly simple. The controls can be cumbersome. It's not even really a game, more of a visual novel or interactive work of fiction....

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