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The protagonist of Namco's 1985 arcade shooter game Baraduke, she was the first truly empowered female video game protagonist who did not have a sexualized design. Her gender was not revealed until the surprise ending, where it reveals her name as "Kissy" with a portrait of her female apperance. This was a year before Metroid repeated the same idea with Samus Aran in 1986, though Kissy would never attain the same fame as Samus.

She was later renamed Toby Masuyo and given a place in Namco's arcade lore. In this canon, she married Dig-Dug, and the star of Mr. Driller is their son. Her last appearances were in two 2005 titles: as an action heroine in Namco X Capcom, and as Dig-Dug's rather possessive wife in Dig Dug: Digging Strike.

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