bagronken's ToeJam & Earl (Wii Shop) review

Funkin' great

Unavoidable charm  

I didn't own any Sega games growing up, I was a pure Nintendo fan-boy and wouldn't even admit to Sonic's early greatness. But this game had me breaking my single system devotion and I had to borrow my sister's Genesis on several occasions. Often playing it with a friend, over and over, all night long for the brilliant co-op goodness. You simply cannot put this game down. 

Sights and sounds 

The funk is strong with this one, the beat and distinct style pumping through every menu, level and sprite. The music is fantastic and will have you humming it for decades to come. The graphic style is equally great, the main characters, all the monsters and the allies are superbly stereotypical, accompanied by absolute spot on sound effects. 

The fun never stops 

As I said, I played this game so many times growing, but actually never beat it back then on Genesis, and I still haven't beat it replaying it on the Wii. It is a hard game, demanding both skill and luck and you will probably need to start over several times, sometimes being killed quite unfairly. However, this is part of the game, and with the random level design you never seem to tire of helping the two funkmasters finding their ship parts. The game oozes of  pure entertainment that never gets old. 

Pros & Cons 

+ Jammin' graphics and design
+ Funkalicious sound and music 
+ Righteous replayability
- Might seem a bit unfair sometimes
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