This game forces you to smile (and think!)

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This game is seriously amazing! No tutorial nonsense, no hand-holding, no BS. It's just hardcore adorableness and brain melting puzzle solving in a gorgeous world! And with so much love put into little details ...

If you've got a Wii U right now and are crying over having nothing to play (which is crazy considering a gang of cool games just came out), then hop on the eShop and get Toki Tori 2 while it's still on sale (10% off for a few weeks, don't know the exact cut-off date right now).

I can totally see how this would not look appealing just going by screenshots but this Metroidvania/puzzle game is just too good to pass up!

Oh, it also has a hilarious launch trailer!

The embed function is totally buggy, btw.

edit: and the attach-to-forum function is also buggy ...

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