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Tokimeki Memorial is considered in some circles as the first modern Japanese Dating Simulation game. The game was first released for the PC Engine CD-ROM (TurboGrafx-16) by Konami in 1994 in Japan, and went on to have versions on various other systems; Super Famicom, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and PC.


The game and series of games that have followed afterward are wildly popular in Japan and have gone on to be a lucrative property for Konami. The company has gone on to release music and radio drama CDs and other related merchandise related to the game too

Tokimeki Memorial had a major impact on the Japanese video game industry, which incorporated dating sim elements in many subsequent games ranging from visual novels to role-playing games. The games have also attracted more female audiences to the dating sim genre through the Girls Side otome game spin-offs. Beyond video games, the Tokimeki Memorial series has also had an impact on the anime industry, where the concept of "moe" would slowly gain considerable popularity over the next decade as well as visual novel adaptations.

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