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Like the series' protagonists, Tokka is a mutant turtle. Unlike them, however, he is an alligator snapping turtle, as well as a baby. His origins are in the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze, but has appeared in many forms of media since, including video games, action figures, the 1987 cartoon series, and the movie Turtles Forever.

Tokka is often accompanied by the grey wolf mutant Rahzar. In his appearances in the Turtles in Time games, he appears alongside Rahzar, acting as a dual boss (on the pirate ship in most versions, in the Technodrome on Super NES). In the Super NES version, he is capable of performing dual-team moves with Rahzar (Rahzar can ride his shell across the screen in an attempt to ram the opponent), and for some reason, can spew ice. In Manhattan Missions, he appears alone on a rooftop, striking with a nasty jab and uppercut, and a wielding a shield. Tokka is capable of knocking the Turtles into the giant neon sign on this rooftop.

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