Do I really have to do the tutorial for both modes?

#1 Posted by orlandodoom (89 posts) -

What a terribly glaring oversight on the designer's part.

I did the tutorial for Survival Mode since you can't select Story Mode, finished it, so I decided to check out the latter. "Another tutorial?" I asked myself.

"Maybe the gameplay is different, sure, let's do this."......"Oh no, it's the same fucking thing!"

Got halfway through the second time, said "bullshit, I'm not doing this again," and I quit the tutorial. Turns out I HAVE to do the tutorial a second time.

I turned it off and walked away. I was that irritated. I'll definitely go back to it, but what a stupid way to do things.

#2 Posted by BisonHero (8406 posts) -

@orlandodoom: Actually, they just throw the tutorial into the story mode menu, in case you ever want to go through it again, or use it to show a friend how to play or something. Even if you were to have finished your second playthrough of the tutorial, it wouldn't have unlocked the next chapter in story mode.

To unlock the first chapter of story mode, you HAVE TO find these data archive disc things in survival mode. They are marked prominently on the map. I'll admit it's not well explained, but it's not as tedious as you're assuming it is.

#3 Posted by jasonefmonk (371 posts) -

I think the biggest problem is the EULA every time you boot the game. The story mode is just in there as an option once you finished it. It definitely took a while to realize there were Archives on the map.

#4 Posted by BisonHero (8406 posts) -

@jasonefmonk: So it's not just me! Yeah, the EULA coming up every time is completely retarded.

#5 Posted by Aviar (491 posts) -

Agreed, the EULA drives me more crazy then anything else. Hopefully they can patch that in a future update as it is kind of ridiculous.

#6 Posted by orlandodoom (89 posts) -

You also can't turn the music off. ARRRGH.

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