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So I've either missed or can't find relevant info about how the gear works

From what I can tell, you can only buy stuff from the store that you've found while playing? Does equipped gear disappear when you die? How does durability factor in? Am I at risk of losing the DLC plush things that have zero durability?

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@Callik: In the store, you can purchase as many as you want of any item that you've unlocked by finding it in Survival mode or through other means. When you die and swap to one of your brothers or sisters, you don't lose the equipment, but you do have to re-equip it.

I'm still not 100% sure what all affects durability, but it at the very least is impacted by the amount that you attack and are attacked. Once it goes down to zero, you'll lost that item, but you can always equip something else that you currently have in your inventory, or you can go purchase more of that item in the store.

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@Chaser324: Cool

Also, what causes the hunger bar to turn red and slowly lower, any way to reverse the change?

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@Callik said:

@Chaser324: Cool

Also, what causes the hunger bar to turn red and slowly lower, any way to reverse the change?

Not sure I understand your question. Hunger is always decreasing and you refill it by eating. If your hunger drops down to zero, your health starts depleting.

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When you reach age 14 you start dying of old age so your hunger turns red and deteriorates at a faster rate, depending on how much hunger your animal has you could well live to age 25-30 despite what the game says; but generally you'll want to mate by age 15 as you'll start to become slow as molasses after a few aging years.

Leg items lose durability when you attack, every other item has a chance to lose durability when you're hit; hence you'll burn through boots in no time at all. The free DLC items are excellent for boosting hunger alongside the Cutie Collar (only costs 7000 to buy them) which is a fairly common drop.

The Tuxedo is absolutely fantastic and has about 60 durability, so if you only rarely get hit while wearing it you could well make it last for 15 different animals; assuming you can unlock it (do all challenges in one go, can't buy it in the shop).

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The item you get for killing the "Lord of the Chimps" increases your pack size by 1, what this does is add one more guy to your pack when you mate, you can then take off the hat and keep the pack; so since you never have to use it in combat it's basically a permanent pack size upgrade; which is incredibly useful.

The Headlamp (you get from some herbivore challenge set, I'd say Goat but I'm not positive) increases your vision cone at night, but enemies keep the same reduced cone so it's quite useful. It seems to restore radar in some situations but not others, not positive about that though.

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Huh, I thought the durability was in "years of use" if you used that item for 40/40 years it would break and disappear.

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