Tokyo Jungle $11.99 with PlayStation plus

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Yeah, about that update, is this something PSN does? I've never bought a PSN game day one. Do they just release whenever they feel like it?

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I think they update around 5 PM EST? I have no way of confirming or denying this, I just seem to remember reading something like that...

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Feels good to be PS plus.

Its pretty random when they tend to update (so it feels) BUT you will be able to buy the game before the store updates completely by searching for the title. The search updates before the categories so feel free to search tokyo jungle every so often and start your download early.

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I'm really looking forward to playing this tonight.

Can hardly wait.

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I’ve got great news for PlayStation Plus members: You’ll be able to get TOKYO JUNGLE at a 20% discount for two weeks (until October 9th)! In addition, we are giving away four DLC animals for free! These animals will only be free for one week (until October 2nd), so don’t miss out!


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@jesterroyal: Thanks for the search tip. I found it and am downloading now. I can't wait for this game!

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How much is the DLC for non PS+ members?

#9 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1613 posts) -

I believe my feelings on this matter are accurately summed up in this image:

#10 Posted by Lukeweizer (2792 posts) -

Is the game even released yet? I couldn't find it on the Canadian PSN store about 90 minutes ago.

#11 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1681 posts) -

Welp, I may get the dlc sometime down the road... But alas, I'm no PS plus member... :\ Downloading now! (Only about half an hour off)

#12 Posted by Rafaelfc (1562 posts) -

downloading right now and I bought (that's right, bought) all the DLC...

I wish PSN would download a little faster though

#13 Posted by RE_Player1 (7530 posts) -

Picking it up now.

#14 Posted by Fredchuckdave (6300 posts) -

I see no crocodile! Though "Fat Cat" is almost certainly superior in every way

#15 Posted by nohthink (1223 posts) -
@MrOnly: They update usually Tuesday. I don't know exactly when but when I log in at night, they already updated everything
#16 Posted by BluPotato (501 posts) -

I would have never picked up this game but the Quicklook sold me on it.

#17 Edited by Rafaelfc (1562 posts) -

no crocodile as DLC, only Fat Cat, Black and White pomeranians and Silky Terrier...

#18 Posted by Rabid619 (1114 posts) -

I just got finished with my first about... two hours or so, and wow. I knew this game would be crazy, but I didn't expect it to be so much fun. Honestly shocked by this game so far. It is very unforgiving, though. In my time playing I didn't unlock any new animals, but I came close to unlocking the Cat before having my pack mauled by a dozen of them while trying to take over their territory.

@Captain_Felafel: That's the only thing I think of while playing as the Pomeranian, too. Turns out that Missile is a surprisingly adept killing machine.

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@Fredchuckdave: Fat Cat Is Best Cat!!!!!!! Also this game is pretty amazing, i just came home from an 8 hour day at school (With no sleep the previous day) and played for 8 hours, I'm a wolf its pretty sweet.

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Don't know if I should pick this up or Hell Yeah!. I really don't know what sort of crazy I feel like playing.

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I've played a little chick mode. Its.. Intense. Just hide, all the time.

My silkis deer run was particularly good. I unlocked gazelle and chick on that then as my last deer was dying of hunger and poison i ran into some polar bears. Then a tiger. Before being finally killed by a.... beagle.. Damn thing snuck up on me.

#22 Posted by MuttersomeTaxicab (683 posts) -

@Captain_Felafel said:

I believe my feelings on this matter are accurately summed up in this image:

I started playing this morning. I definitely HELLO'd a lot of small woodland creatures. Then I got a nest. Then I said a different kinda hello to a desperate female.

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Why isn't it on the Australian store yet? Anyone know what time it will be up?

#24 Posted by BisonHero (7306 posts) -

@Captain_Felafel said:

I believe my feelings on this matter are accurately summed up in this image:


#25 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2453 posts) -

@NekuSakuraba: Sometime today for europe. I don't know if you get the same release days as them, though.

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Boys and girls, I am here to tell you, Fat Cat don't mess. That is all.

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