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Pomeranian with a fedora

The tag line basically sums up a lot of my experience with this game. Walking around a deserted Tokyo that kinda reminds me of the city in the I Am Legend movie minus Will Smith. The game gives you a tutorial right off the bat but with an urge to start running around with animals and the somewhat I comprehensive overview of the game I promptly said fuck that and proceeded to the game. What awaited was something I've never even thought would be a game, but I'm glad it is. As a dashing young Pomeranian I quickly found myself a fedora in a white present box and... Equipped... Donned it immediately. Holy shit I was the talk of the town. My new hat gave me some boosted stats and a newfound sense of doggy swagger. Time to go find a mate. There are numerous flags around the game that allow you to mark your territory and control a region. The flags only stay controlled for a short period of time and my understanding is mostly that it will signal a mate for you. Like I said the tutorial may have told me more but I breezed through it as fast as I could. I should also mention that I only played survival.

After a few minutes my soon to be main squeeze came along with hearts over her head. Since the game told me I was boss dog she was immediately DTF. As an older pooch of 15 years at that point I decided it best to sow my wild oats. What came along next my child Bartholomew and the rest of my doggy children in the form of a full fledged posse. The fedora had been passed down. I was ready to run these streets.

This was about the time when I realized there was a series of challenges for me to complete. One of which would allow me to unlock a cat of some sort. To unlock said cat I needed to follow a horde of cats located in an adjacent district to my own. Since the food in my area seemed to be fluctuating negatively I left my parents to wither away into old corpses. The weather in this game changes in ways that don't correspond to the timeline you are presented with. If it was supposed to I then battled the cats through almost two years of constant toxic rain, which made me toxic and if their corpses were left uneaten too long would turn purple with toxicity.

As the years go by the more dominant races prevail. My third generation Pomeranians, instead of being greeted by dumb chickens in their hometown district were instead greeted by crocodiles. Eventually I made the wrong move and stumbled into a pride of lions that finished on the poor dogs in one fell swoop.

This game is something else and I would wholeheartedly recommend checking it out. The game doesn't seem to be the best at explaining some of its more detailed points and the map is only so huge. With what appears to be at least 20-30 unlock able animals I'm sure a player would become for than familiar, and perhaps a little tired, with the rather simple streets of jungle Tokyo. At $15 it's worth the investment, whether to just experience it or to play it for hours on end attempting to beat your old score.


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