This game is surprisingly good.

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So, I started playing this game after watching a totalbiscuit video on it and i have to agree with him this is real fun. It looks kinda..oldish or maybe it's just me being picky but everything about it just feels really good. I've only played 6 matches and all of them i have had 1 red bar, well most people had 1 red bar and a couple people had 2 yellow bars and there isn't really any latency. I still manage to top the scoreboard most of the time and I never had that "that shoulda hit! RAGE!" moment yet so that's good.

Guns feel good, they sound pretty good and the controls are about as simple as it gets, in the tutorial they sorta make you watch, all it says is WASD for movement and a picture of a mouse with the left part highlighted as the guy shoots then you go shoot guys. Matchmaking takes like a minute to find a match and it doesn't seem like alot of people are playing it, I got put in 3-4 matches with the same people oh and 1 guy was called "GameTNT" which at first I was like, is that a gamebomb thursday night throwdown or something?? doubt it was but maybe? dudes were speaking russian.

Anywho, you duders should play it, it's fun n free and in open beta plus they got a clan system going on so we can duder up and shoot guys.

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Sounds cool. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It would be awesome to group up with fellow Giant Bomb members and play.

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Yeah, I tried it and it's completely competent. I enjoyed it, although I wish there were more maps.

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I beta tested it played until level 24 or something during the closed tests. I really enjoyed it. Sure there were some weapon balancing issues, but for a free game (I didn't purchase anything at least) it was fun. Addictive in that you want to play just one more round all the time. You start to meet other players and then it becomes even more fun to either fight with or against them. I don't know the state of the game now, but back then it was as you say now "surprisingly good".

Let me know if I played with someone from here then: I was called Buzzsaw

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Does it play like a tactical shooter at all?

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@soapy86 said:

Does it play like a tactical shooter at all?

I'm not sure what you mean by that exactly, but after a few matches it feels like Team Fortress 2 meets GRAW to me. It's pretty fun. Thinking of starting a clan when I hit level 10 if anyone would be interested in that.

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