Author Tom Clancy Dies at Age 66

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Ding Chavez will live in our hearts and minds forever.

Haha, yes I always liked the Chavez character. He's the guy to lead your team for sure.



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Most of his run up to Red Rabbit was great, but the man always needed a better editor. Most of his later stuff was convulted dreck imo, almost a shame that he never really tried his hand at other genres.


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Another legend is dead, but his name and work will be remembered for a very long time. Rest in peace, Tom.

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It would be ironically hilarious if someone had "bumped" him off.

It would have been the way he would have wanted to go.

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I'll miss him for his first four books.

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Bummer, dude. Wish I was old enough to experience the ultra-realistic Rainbow Six games. I didn't get into the franchise until Vegas.

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Undoubtedly a life well lived.

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I loved the Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games R.I.P.

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Sad news, he was a talented writer, and lent his name to some excellent games. He will be missed. RIP.

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@godlyawesomeguy said:

Bummer, dude. Wish I was old enough to experience the ultra-realistic Rainbow Six games. I didn't get into the franchise until Vegas.

When Rainbow Six came out in 1990 it looked great in my opinion and delivered gameplay and a pacing to the action I hadn't experienced before. Instantly hooked. There hasn't been a game since that has managed it, and that's very sad and a bit surprising too. I don't think gamers want to take their time and plan/trial and error in their shooters anymore. I think that this specific genre of gaming, the tactical shooter, lived and died with the old Rainbow Six games in the 90s and early years of 2000.

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He's probably learning his ghost protocol right now.

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May he rest in peace. I enjoyed the first three or so Jack Ryan books a lot, but it's Red Storm Rising that takes top position. Excellent what-if fiction that must of had a ton of research put into it. I know he worked on it with another author but still deserves just as much praise.

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Rest In Peace.

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His funeral will get out of control.

It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it.

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RIP. I bet he's headed to that great Command Center in the sky aboard an angelic submarine...

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I enjoyed his earlier works. He started to lose steam a bit towards the end. I feel that he didn't quite know what to write about after the USSR collapsed.

Condolences to his family.

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RIP Tom. There were a few years when I was younger that I read nothing but Tom Clancy books. Jack Ryan, Domingo Chaves and John Clarke are still some of the coolest characters I've come across.

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:( sad times, thanks for all the stories and characters you gave us sir, fly away into the military themed haven that awaits you.

Favorite game, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

Favorite book, Without Remorse.

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He was only 66? I thought he was older than that. RIP

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Hopefully he's chilling up in heaven with the magical "Rainbow Six".

I don't know anything about Tom Clancy fiction.

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RIP Clance. I loved the Rainbow Six games. :(

Never made it through one of his books though. I love military film and stories, but something about having all of that info down on page made me glaze over once he's going into the details of stuff...

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Ugh, 2013 just sucks. Worst year, all years.

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Talk about a legacy. Tom Clancy was the finest author of military fiction to ever put pen to paper. Sad to hear of his passing. Rest in peace!

I propose a Tom Clancy themed Unprofessional Fridays in rememberance!

I second this idea.

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I liked the tactics game on 3DS. RIP

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This is sad. I read every one of his books when I lived overseas in the mid-90's.

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Rainbow Six: Raven Shield still my favourite Clancy-inspired game. Never read any of his books but I fully expect Ubisoft will continue to use his name on video games.

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Never liked those games anyway haha

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@driftspace: Prolificacy is a word. And yes, it means prolific, not the second definition you cited there.

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A lot of deaths this year...

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I loved the original Rainbow Six on pc back in the day. What I would give for a graphically updated game that had the same super tactical mechanics. R.I.P. Clancy-bro.

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@aleryn said:

May he rest in peace. I enjoyed the first three or so Jack Ryan books a lot, but it's Red Storm Rising that takes top position. Excellent what-if fiction that must of had a ton of research put into it. I know he worked on it with another author but still deserves just as much praise.

I should try to read Red Storm Rising again. I really, really loved the NATO Vs. Warsaw Pact what-if stuff, but there was zero chemistry in the Iceland romance subplot, and the Iceland stuff in general just seemed to slow the book down to a crawl.

Edit: Oh, favorite Clance game: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon.

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The 5 or so Clancy books I had read after 98' or so were terrible, but in middle school those initial novels were the ones that really started my love of reading. Rest in peace.

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I posted this in the forum already, but I may as well repeat myself:

I think it's funny that a man who started with writing semi-realistic cold war espionage novels will be remembered for a franchise of video games where the Russians are still a credible threat and nukes go off every 5 minutes. I read most of his books and there's a turning point somewhere after Clear and Present Danger where his stuff starts not only getting way more ridiculous, but way more political as well since his main character becomes president and fixes everything that's wrong with the government while also fighting off a biological terror attack from not-Iran.

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I appreciate that his novels lead to video game franchises like Splinter Cell and the Rainbow Six series. Seems like his son is determined to continue the legacy, so those type of video games won't end, hopefully.

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I never read any of his books, but I played many of his games. I absolutely loved the first Rainbow Six. I didn't realize he was so young. Its a tragedy to lose someone so prolific in pop culture, especially at his age.

Condolences to his family, friends, and fans.

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"We are saddened to learn of Tom Clancy’s passing and our condolences go out to his family. We will continue to honor him by continuing to sully his name and release garbage games with his name tacked on to capitalize on" a representative from Ubisoft wrote on the company's Facebook page this morning


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I hope this one can turn out to be okay, but who knows.

They also have the Hawx games (flying!) which I didn't like at all because they felt like they had nothing to do with anything, really.

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This is truly, the sum of all fears.

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Holy shit that is just really unexpected and I literally just started Blacklist yesterday, R.I.P

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