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Supernatural Guys with Real Guns (Short Review)

Pros: In GRAW2, you'll find some of the same intense modern infantry combat that you saw in the first game, with some even more goodies thrown in. The cross-com interface has been re-done, for the better, and the sequel to last years selling point for retailers, has gotten less of a focus on slow paced sniping sequences, to more 'boom' sequences, as I like to call them. I'm sure you can understand what I mean.

The visuals have had an obvious update, making GRAW2 one of the best looking 360 titles around. What i've experienced, there are absolutely no framerate problems. So, in other words, go wild. You won't be slowed down by the game and your console. The sound effects in both single-player and multi-player are fantastic. Though sounds for the same gun may change when they're changed over from single to multi, they really do immerse you even more into the battlefield. The explosions are particularly effective, but you'll only really find these in the single-player portion of the game.

Once you've finished your tour of duty in Juarez and the US, you'll want to head over to the multi-player portion of the game, if you haven't already. GRAW2 features an almost identicle multi-player system as it's predecessor did, but that's not a problem at all. It's been upgraded with countless combinations, so you will hardly come across the same situation twice. There are many maps to choose from, and if that wasn't enough, you'll be able to change the lighting on most of them. Be that day to night, or sunrise to sunset. In terms of gametypes, there's a whole new co-op mode, and support up to 16 players (which, by the way, is the maximum slot for any gametype you'll find on GRAW2), which I find pretty impressive for a co-op mode. You'll also be given the same customization system for your soldier. You can change what each class with look like, in terms of headgear, and change your soldiers face, which applies to all the classes. Finally, you'll definately find yourself spoilt for choice when you're picking out your equipment. There is a huge amount of weapons to choose from in GRAW2, whether it be the same gun added several times, but with a different attachment (silencer, grenade launcher etc).


The Cons: The only real complaint that I have against GRAW2, is that the single-player campaign is over before you know it. Considering this game was completed in such a short time compared to most (just around one year), I wasn't too surprised, but I was still disappointed. You'll definately find yourself wanting more, but if you have Xbox Live, you will be rewarded with GRAW2's excellent multi-player modes.
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Good review.

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