star_wars117's Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (PC) review

Another game in the tom clancy line of games

Tom Clancy has been know to be a great author of books that only he could think up.That also works weel for his game develpment. This game tells the story of a 4 man squad of ghost in the year 2013 using the new landwarrior system in mexico during a revolution and a miltary coup.The game is impossibley hard and very tatical. Controlling your squad is a breeze with a very easy to understand command system.Its very slow paced but lots of action every where you turn makes up for it.Sounds are amazing. Bullets wizing by your head and shells hitting the ground all to the sounds of hard rock and mexican traditonal music.The game now is only 20 bucks now and is worth it.

The good: Lots Of Action,Great Graphics,land Warrior Simulation

The Bad: High System Requirmnts Very Hard Very tatical

Posted by IceColdGamer

I wouldn't call the game impossibly hard. It just requires a basic understanding of tactical military movement and positioning that some gamers (mainly younger ones) may not be able to grasp. This ain't your momma's run and gun shooter.

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