Does story mean nothing in thees types of games?

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"HQ just received intel that a former Soviet member of parliament, believed to be a key player in the oppositions plan to take back power, has been captured by a terrorist cell calling itself Black November, and is being transported to an unknown location somewhere off the coast of Norway. We've obtained the coordinates of an airfield that we believe to be the current location of a top Black November general. Your mission is to infiltrate the airfield, and place a tracking beacon on the generals private plane, so we can get a fix on the location of the hostage.". That shit just took me 4 minutes to write. That's 4 minutes times 10-12 missions...I'd be surprised if Ubisoft spent more than a couple of hours writing the story for Future Soldier.

I just finished the campaign, and overall, I liked it. The main thing that bothered me though, was the total lack of story...and I do mean total. There's a short setup at the beginning, that serves as a jump off point for the first and last mission, and everything in between is just generic military wank that someone (not Tom Clancy) pulled out of their ass. It leaves you with the impression that the all the set pieces was made first, an then someone spent half an afternoon stringing them all together with TERRIBLE cut scenes, that does nothing to convey any form of story...which is most likely the case anyway.

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