PC version cancelled due to pirates.

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@phrosnite said:

Ubisoft needs to stop making PC games for good. We don't care.
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@Intro said:

@iAmJohn said:

@Intro said:

Damn, and I would have bought it. Do they realize each pirated copy doesn't mean 1 lost sale?

Okay, A) You understand this is an old thread, right? And B) You understand this old thread is old and outdated because it's coming to PC now, right?

Jesus, this applies to the lot of you as well.

Doesn't matter, that's my opinion of the subject of the thread.

Thanks for letting me know it's still coming to PC though.

Your opinion was just a lame dig at PC gamers.  
@Etnos said:

I still find hilarious the notion that piracy is not an issue.. Penny Arcade Games among a lot other gone down thanks to piracy.

Uhm no.  Penny Arcade Games went down because their two games sold extremely poorly because they were very ordinary fare with exceedingly poor graphics.  Some people pirated the first game but very few bothered to even look at the second.
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This whole thing is odd I mean they are still putting about Assassins Creed 3 on the pc. The fact is ghost Recon has sucked for along time now and this one looks god awful, so big deal if we never see this one.

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@iceman228433 said:

This whole thing is odd I mean they are still putting about Assassins Creed 3 on the pc.

Read the rest of the thread. It's coming to PC.

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Edit: I need to pay attention to thread dates.

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