Starting an XBOX 360 clan.

#1 Posted by Grimmrobe (219 posts) -

Seeing as how GRFS is centered around teamwork, it would be more rewarding to work with teammates that we're familiar with. Post your GT to play co-op or multiplayer.

GT: JeffMangum

#2 Posted by RBolduc625 (170 posts) -

Definitely want to play Guerilla mode. But I only know one other guy who got it. Anyone can count me in for that. GT: Komikazee

#3 Posted by UberExplodey (980 posts) -

I'm down for some MP action.

GT is UberExplodey

#4 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

You're not Jeff Mangum impostor.

#5 Posted by Grimmrobe (219 posts) -

@Guided_By_Tigers said:

You're not Jeff Mangum impostor.

I totally am, bro.

#6 Posted by Evil_Alaska (329 posts) -

Gamertag: Evil Alaska

#7 Posted by Vinny_Says (5911 posts) -


kinda still on max payne 3 and the witcher but my copy of GRFS is here right beside me.

#8 Posted by Kandycane2029 (517 posts) -

I'm gonna send everyone here aside from UberExplodey an add (as I already have him on my friends list). GT: Kandyman2029. I have a group I usually play with, but more often then not, I play solo when they aren't online, so I'm looking for people to fill the gap and may get a better team pieced together.

#9 Posted by t8ums (12 posts) -

GT: t8ums

if anybody is still playing guerilla

#10 Edited by gashna (155 posts) -

I wish to join.

GT gashna

#11 Posted by Th3_Th0rn (19 posts) -

Just got back into this game and wish to join. Hope I'm not late to the party.

GT: Th3 Th0rn

#12 Posted by gashna (155 posts) -

@Th3_Th0rn: I am still in and i am looking for a clan! Wanna start one?

#13 Posted by Th3_Th0rn (19 posts) -

@gashna: Sure! I won't be able to play until next week but I'm totally in.

#14 Posted by gashna (155 posts) -

@Th3_Th0rn: I've sent you a request.

#15 Posted by Bangarang182 (19 posts) -

is anyone still playing this online?

#16 Edited by Mcswaggdaddy (2 posts) -

Gt is zain harrak

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