Any good?

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What are people's thoughts on this game? I've got my copy right next me but still waiting for my 3DS to be delivered, so I haven't played it yet. (Quite surprised this is the first forum post for this game)

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I just got it in the mail today and in the hour or so that i've played its really good. I think that its definitely the best 3DS launch title other than possibly SSF4. 

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A game designer named Trent Polack tweeted "So far, Ghost Recon Shadow Wars is overly simple, but it does have some really rad unit movement rules and support fire mechanics."  He's generally pretty reliable, so I guess the game couldn't be all that bad. I'll probably get this, SSF4, or Steel Diver, depending on how they all review.

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It's the only 3DS game I own right now. I know it's sacrilege to not buy a Nintendo game when you buy a Nintendo platform, but I wasn't into a cheap Pilotwings rehash or another Nintendogs when I went to buy it. Also I was only gonna get one game, so SSF4 sounded like a bad idea since it would get old fast.
I'm not too far in to it, and it's pretty easy so far on the hardest difficulty, but I like it. I think this was the correct choice for me as far as the launch lineup is concerned. The 3D is totally unnecessary, but it's handy for determining terrain height by glancing. Couldn't care less about the story, however the action is fun. It reminds me of an Advance Wars where you control individual characters or a simplified Fallout 1&2 battle system.
As much as I hate Kotaku, it was Brian Crecente's impressions thing that convinced me right before I went to Walmart at midnight to get the thing.
My main complaint with the design is the fact that they went with square grids instead of hexes.

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It's the sleeper hit of the system's launch. If you are like me and don't want to buy a port of a console fighting game then this is a good one.

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The guy who made the X-COM games was involved with this game, so the game play has to be at least competent.

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It's a pretty solid turn-based strategy game and definitely one of the few launch games worth owning. If X-COM and Advance Wars had a baby, that child would be Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. Squad management and the basic movement and attack mechanics are very reminiscent of X-COM, but the entire thing is wrapped up in a more streamlined and handheld friendly package.
If you ever played the previous game from X-COM designer Julian Gollop, Rebelstar: Tactical Command, you pretty much know what to expect here.

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