Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

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 I picked up a 3DS on launch day and with it got SSFIV as I didn't play it yet (I am a busy guy, and it fell in the cracks). I've put 10 hours in so far and have enjoyed it, but I have played a lot of SF in my life and as much as I love it I needed something else.

So I picked up Shadow Wars. I had been following the game a bit before launch since it is a tactics game by Julian Gollop, and it doesn't get much better than the original X-com. I've been really digging it so far. I replayed each mission on each difficulty so I am only up to the 4th mission, but everything feels very tight and well designed. The first batch of missions have been pretty direct with one optimal route so I am hoping it will open up more as the game progresses. It is still teaching me how to throw a grenade at this point so I have a feeling things will get much more complicated as it moves on. I have yet to try any skirmishes, and the hotseat style multiplayer is something I really love to see coming back so I hope to try it real soon. I am not a fan of Tom Clancy so the plot is a bit of a miss for me, but enough there to keep me going, I suppose.

I bring it up since conversation has been "I'm gonna wait. All the games suck...", but it seems this is being massively ignored. Even GB barely looked at the game in the Happy Hour and didn't even really give it a go. Hopefully they will review it, but I understand us tactics gamers are somewhat of a niche. Games like this is why I enjoyed the DS and I am glad to see them continuing on. Any other tactic fans out there enjoying this title?

Thoughts? Strategies? Exciting moments of near defeats?

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yeah, this is the one game I really wanted for the 3ds so I didn't get one, but it sounds exciting.

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You're not alone, Sylpher. I also really like the game. I bought a smattering of 3DS titles, and this one, is by far my favorite. Simple, yet complex (as trite as that may sound), it really does so much while leaving the game so accessible. 
I wish the game got more press because of it.

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I gotta admit before release i was put off by its ugly graphics but after reading reviews i regret anything i may have said because it sounds awesome.

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I can't say it's my favorite game but it is my most played 3DS game. Problem is I am CONSTANTLY getting the black screen of death mid game. I have had to do the same fight over and over  even when I had gotten to the end of a mission and then bam, have to start over. I asked a friend if that and the creaky hinge are enough to return the console and get another one and he said yes but wait until the end of the 30 days, they might have a shipment with firmware that fixes that issue in the next batch.
Otherwise my favorite game is Samurai Warriors, Ghost Recon is just better for short bursts.

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There is a lot of internet buzz around this game. On neogaf a lot of people bought the game, I did as well. Only played the first mission so far, but it seems fun. Also, I remember hearing Jeff say that they will probably do something with it, so...

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Of all the games, this is the one that has me thinking about getting a 3DS.  But I am holding off.  Not too convinced by the price.  Yes, the system seems to have a lot with it, but I am just gonna play the games.  I barely played by DS in the last 2 years.  Perhaps we see a price drop or redesign, I don't like the hard edges on the hinge and want a single color, not cake layer.  Unless they come out with some special edition Zelda one, I am getting that.

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It's the only 3DS game I picked up and it's pretty good but to be honest this is my first handheld since the original gameboy and I've been enjoying playing the regular DS game I pick up a whole lot more.

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Ah, so there are people out there. Good. I started up mission 5, haven't taken my first turn, but it looks like the difficulty is starting to finally climb. 
I am a little confused on the range for the assisted return fire thing? If a unit is standing right next to a friendly and gets shot, they will return fire (if they have that attribute), but I can never tell how many steps away they can be before they will no longer assist? 2, 3, 4? I know line of fire and such complicates it, but I never have a good feel if my formation is solid. Has anyone worked this out?

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 Balala:  Turn the switch for your wireless connection off and the black screen stops.  Don't forget, you can save at any point in the mission in the options menu.  Ghost Recon  is the hidden gem for this launch.  I have thirty hours on my log and still have not finished the campaign.   And the difficulty does ramp up, particularly on elite.  

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It looks cool, but it also looks like it was a DS game at some point. I understand the move ,as the game will get way more exposure as a 3DS launch title, but from what I have heard and seen, it doesn't take advantage of the power of the 3DS very well. I'm not saying that it needs to in order to be a good game, but it's a little disappointing nonetheless.

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@Cameron: Unfortunately, as a DS game it would have been ignored by even more people. The only reason we've taken notice of this game now is because it's a launch title. :(
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@BadNews said:

Problem is I am CONSTANTLY getting the black screen of death mid game  

 That seems to be related to wireless. Remember to push the wireless switch to turn the wireless off. I haven't tested it much so far, but I haven't received any problems when I have it turned off. 
I am curious how everyone is playing, I have went through the first 10 missions or so on Elite, without restarting much at all. How far has everybody progressed on Veteran so far? 
Edit: Major mistake, I meant Elite, not Veteran. 
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Feeling a "best of 3DS games" title here. Heard nothing but praise for this game.

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All the policemen are dead! I have failed mission five. Even though I can press on after the police are dead.. I.. choose.. not to. 
 @AquaGeneral: I am now playing on Elite for the start of every mission. If I run into one I can't do after several tries I'll consider bumping down and revisiting, but my pride will be affected.
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I went Elite for the first two missions, but switched to Veteran after running into difficulties in the third mission. I do plan on going back and beating them in Elite later on, but not now.

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You have just made me realize that I meant Elite. I haven't run into any tough missions so far. Though now that I finally look at the map, I ended up completing the last mission in Chaper 1 (Striking Back) on Veteran. The remainder have all been completed on Elite (I am now up to the 3rd mission inside of Chapter 2 - my 10 missions completed estimation was just a little bit off). 

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It's the only game I'd pick up on the 3ds right now. Now, if there could only be more games to justify the cost.

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I'm looking to get this myself, I'm hearing it's like Advance Wars crossed with Fire Emblem, which is no bad thing,

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@mesklinite said:
" It's the only game I'd pick up on the 3ds right now. Now, if there could only be more games to justify the cost. "
this really, also the region locking is beyond stupid. 
Why is it a 3ds over a ds game though? What's the 3d like, or are the graphics a step up?
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Kind of silly how this got tucked away in the Shadow Wars forum since the intention was to bring it to the attention of people who have a 3DS and haven't considered buying Shadow Wars.

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Totally. I wanted to complain, but oh well.

I finished Chapter 2 Mission 1. I like the covert unit and engineer. Solid range of classes. All that is missing is a Pyro and Scout and we'd have TF2. I had to replay it a few times because I kept making stupid choices. I really wish there was a way to quick start a mission, or skip through all the dialog once you've read it the first time.

I also wish the upgrade paths were a little more flexible, but I'll see how that progresses as I am still fairly early in the game.

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@Sylpher said:

" I really wish there was a way to quick start a mission, or skip through all the dialog once you've read it the first time. "

Definitely. There's a lot of pressing B when I replay a mission. But it's still time-consuming even with the skipping of conversations. Yes, I know there's a SAM at the top of the map. No, I don't need you to waste time showing it to me again!
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I've gotten the BSOD three times now! All of them while playing Shadow Wars. I turned off wireless as I have seen suggested and has been solid since, but still a bummer. Two of them happened the moment I pushed the top screen past its normal hinge "lock spot". This could totally be a coincidence, but it was the moment it clicked past it both times.

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Finished the final mission in Chapter 2. Man, that was tough on Elite! I keep forgetting about the save feature to capture a solid stopping point in the map forcing me to restart from the beginning of the mission when one guy dies. It is my own fault, but I still go GAH! every single time it happens.  My PEC Rank is Sergeant Major with 50 points and the game tells me I only have 14% completed. Sheesh.

Turning off wireless seems to have completely fixed the BSOD. I haven't had it happen again. I hope they patch it, I enjoy StreetPass and hate needing to remember to exit the game and turn wireless back on.

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I wish Nintendo would hurry up with the messaging support, so my friends can remind me to turn off the wireless when they see me playing Ghost Recon. :D

As much as I wish the game had proper multi-player, the BSOD issue would really get in the way. So I guess I'm glad it doesn't.

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