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Well I liked it... 0

Despite the lukewarm reception this game has gotten, it exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed it.  Good:100 MILLION DOLLAR SATELLITE!? Graphically, the game is great.  Both the aircraft and the landscape look terrific, and I really wonder what satellite technology they used for the ground...Ranks, the game has a great ranking system in place, each kill gives you experience points which is totaled at the end of each mission.  Each level you earn unlocks new missions, aircraft, and weapon load-ou...

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Karl's 'Tom Clancy's HAWX' Review 0

                 I feel ‘kind of’ sorry for the developers of Hawx. They got talent, the proof of that is Hawx itself. It’s a well tuned and genuinely fun arcade fighter sim. It has a lot in common with Ace Combat. I can tell that they took their time and got the game-play right. So why do I feel sorry? Well, it’s because despite all that it’s a ‘rent’ don’t buy kind of game.                 Let me tell you why. I think that the same thing that will move Hawx off store shelves cheapens its appe...

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Co-op is Essential 0

As an avid fan of single player (SP) games, my skepticism of this title was warranted.  The SP campaign is simply too mind-numbing to complete that I really could not force myself to finish this one.  From all of the chatter surrounding this game, the one thing that has become evident is that this game is meant to be played in co-op to truly enjoy it.  While I can respect this, I have come to the conclusion that this is robbing a large amount of people from quality games that have become so mult...

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The Sum of All Profits 0

Jack Ryan is a CIA agent who must protect his country and his freedom from evil Soviet threats using only his wits and high intellect amidst pressures from US government agents and…no, nevermind. Ubi Soft outright bought the rights to the Tom Clancy name and all properties within it, thus giving them free reign to create Tom Clancy strategy games, Tom Clancy aerial combat games, Tom Clancy’s Extreme Skateboarding, etc. Tom Clancy’s HAW-X takes the video game franchise that already strayed far aw...

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A Blast to Play, but not worth the RRP 0

  Tom Clancy is the man for near future military action. If his name is on the book/games/film you can tell it will be a least way half decent. Does H.A.W.X. match up to this standard? H.A.W.X. is a arcade style flight combat game from Ubisoft Romania, those fine fellows who brought us Blazing Angels. And this shows, as the game handles very similarly. The A button is fire missiles, B is cannon, right trigger is accelerate and left trigger brakes. Oh and entering the Konami code allows you...

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Hawx Gets the Boot. 0

Thanks Ubisoft for shipping a fabulous coaster.I spent the better part of an afternoon trying to play this disc in my 360. I thought something was wrong with my Xbox but after trying every game in my library plus a rental game I realized this game was just a dud.I ended up going out to get some bomb waffles with my girlfriend.The half a star was for Ubisoft inadvertently making me enjoy a beautiful day outside.Hawx gets my middle finger salute for ineptitude.Emill....

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A forced introduction to the genre 0

Now that Ubisoft has the right to throw the name Tom Clancy on anything they please, why not throw together a bunch of letters that of course includes an X.   Now to be fair HAWX tries to bring itself into the Tom Clancy universe, but in a very uninteresting way.   There are few and very passive reference to terms that you’re use to hearing in other games that Ubisoft has used the Tom Clancy name for in the past.   HAWX attempts some new mechanics in the flight sim shooter genre with its “assist...

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You need more than disc to enjoy this game. 0

The new air combat game from Ubisoft is one that brings its own formula to the genre and while it is lacking a few things and doesn’t push any new boundaries, it still offers a competent experience that some may enjoy. Now, I am always looking out for the next Tom Clancy game to see how much the realism the titles go for will get in the way of having fun.  I could never get into Rainbow Six because being tactical didn’t feel right in first person but I felt right at home in GRAW.  So which of th...

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Looks much more exiciting than it is... 0

This is the firstflight game I have played since Crimson skies.  HAWX just seems very generic.  The game is self is pretty and planes look execellent.  They fact they give you 200 missiles just doesn't seem very realistic.  The story is fairly forgettable with no story told outside the cockpit. not buy....

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Disappointed 0

As a fan of Air/Ace combat,  I was looking forward to playing H.A.W.X for the 360.  Once I popped in my game I then turned my attention to the Exclusive Content section in the menu.  After unlocking a free plane from tying my gamertag to ubisoft, the game automatically reboots.  So the game freezes right before the game prompts me to choose where to save my game.  So I'm like ok I turn off my 360 and try again,  it freezes again.  So I say forget it, I'll just skip the free planes.  I start the ...

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Very enjoyable flight combat 0

Tom Clancy's HAWX is one of the more enjoyable flight combat games available on this generation of consoles (and PC). The flight system is tight and intuitive for first-timers and the advanced system gives an extra level of control for advanced users, including a drift turn system that has no basis in reality but is very enjoyable. The campaign is a decent length without dragging on, missions are varied enough to keep your attention and the persistant leveling system that carries over from singl...

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Tom Clancys HAWX 0

Ok, so i've just bought this title for the Xbox 360 from my local GAME store, for about £30, So im pretty excited about it, so i rush home just to play on it, expecting quite a lot from a Tom Clancy. So i put it in the disc tray. and watched the opening cutscene, but the in-game quality just isn't the same thing, To my opinion it must be pretty hard to make war games where your flying in the sky because there all basically the same kind of thing, every level i find myself defending a base, and s...

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Tom Clancy's Ace Combat 0

I didn’t think much of HAWX at first. It seemed like an Ace Combat clone at first glance. It controls almost the same. For the most part in the single player campaign you are just locking onto brainless targets and firing away. But it begins to truly show its depth once you go online. Graphically this game is very pretty. The planes all look very impressive and the environments are very fun to fly around in. It sounds great for the most part. The whole presentation is very similar of Ghost Recon...

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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 0

To start off, why does everyone complain about the "eXperimental" part on the end?  Flying more than one jet in a squadron is experimental, as well as the fact that many planes (YF-12, YF-23) in the game are experimental prototypes.HAWX is a flying game that is on par with others in the genre.  For the most part, it feels very similar to playing Ace Combat 6. Pros:-Realistic Scenarios:  HAWX has you doing missions that a real fighter pilot would be performing in areas that really exist.   The ga...

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