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Hawx Gets the Boot.

Thanks Ubisoft for shipping a fabulous coaster.

I spent the better part of an afternoon trying to play this disc in my 360. 
I thought something was wrong with my Xbox but after trying every game in my library plus a rental game I realized this game was just a dud.

I ended up going out to get some bomb waffles with my girlfriend.

The half a star was for Ubisoft inadvertently making me enjoy a beautiful day outside.

Hawx gets my middle finger salute for ineptitude.

Posted by p4ddym1607

I dont agree with giving the game half a star because your disc didnt work. Dont give the game a review at all since you havent even played it.

Posted by Nets

It's the developers fault he struggles to even play the game. If I struggled to even get past the title screen for every game I bought, I would of given them half a star as well.

Edited by Grillbar

ahh he is reviewing ubisoft and not the game aparently
and nets he only had trouble with that game not every game

so what im a going to give ½ a star for some of the games that have failed with start up then i would be bussy writing over 30 short reviews griefing about it

but its good to hear that you had a good day Emill.

Posted by Freki

I couldn't even finish the demo, so that score seems very fine to me...

Sad to see them ruin a potentially great idea like that - if they really wanted to mix Ace Combat with Blazing Angels they could atleast have taken the good parts...

Atleast the levels looks good.. gotta give them that - or whoever they bought the data from...

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