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Well I liked it...

Despite the lukewarm reception this game has gotten, it exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed it. 


  • Graphically, the game is great.  Both the aircraft and the landscape look terrific, and I really wonder what satellite technology they used for the ground...
  • Ranks, the game has a great ranking system in place, each kill gives you experience points which is totaled at the end of each mission.  Each level you earn unlocks new missions, aircraft, and weapon load-outs.  It gave me a sense of accomplishment after each kill.
  • Aircraft Selection, the selection is great, and while the campaign doesn't make good use of the variety of planes, the multiplayer is where the selection pays off.
  • ERS, the Enhanced Reality System is a great feature in the game and a nice innovation to the genre.  Instead of wasting time moving around in circles as you and an enemy jet tail each other, the ERS allow you to follow a series of gates to get into a better position to gain a missile lock.  While this makes the game easier, it also saves time in a large scale battle in shooting down enemies, and avoiding enemy missiles.
  • Assistance Off is a neat feature, while its hard to get used to it serves a great purpose of pulling the craziest stunts to get a missile lock on an enemy.  It saves even more time than using the ERS as you can flip a 180 in almost no time to gain an advantage.  While this feature isnt use to its fullest potential in the game, its an innovation that works.
  • Multiplayer, is great.  That is if you like Dogfighting, and while I only spent a couple hours in unranked matches, it was fun, and it adds a lot of replayability for those who are into this type of game.


  • Storyline, this is something I wouldnt mark agains the game necessarily, its just generic.
  • Faces, the peoples faces in the cutscenes, and on your HUD during flight are weird looking.
  • Ease, the game is easy, you can beat it on the elite difficulty setting with no problem the first time through.  Although
    Just in case you missed the first image!
    it makes for an easy 180 Achievement points at the end of the campaign!
  • GeoEye, no really.  This logo appears everywhere!  You cant get away from it, but I hear its a 100 Million Dollar Satellite.

I spent approximately 16 hours on Tom Clancy's HAWX and played it to completion on the Elite difficulty setting.
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