drake_ash's Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. (Xbox 360) review

Co-op is Essential

As an avid fan of single player (SP) games, my skepticism of this title was warranted.  The SP campaign is simply too mind-numbing to complete that I really could not force myself to finish this one.  From all of the chatter surrounding this game, the one thing that has become evident is that this game is meant to be played in co-op to truly enjoy it.  While I can respect this, I have come to the conclusion that this is robbing a large amount of people from quality games that have become so multi-player driven.

The premise of the game is lazy at best, but for a solid plane shooter this can be forgiven.  Maybe it is because I am not 12 anymore and fondly remembering the fighter pilot games in the arcades that managed to take all of my money.  I am getting exhausted of the type of games that seem to be so prevalent this generation; visual masterpieces with no soul to really inch it closer to perfection.

I only hope that if they do manage to make a sequel to this one, that they really focus on the core SP experience and make it more than waiting for a square box to turn red and press A.

Posted by Yit

I found the single player to be too difficult without friends.

I also agree, co-op is a must.

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