Is this game dead?

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No mention of it at Ubisofts E3 conference :(

I really hope its comes to the next gen consoles, had sooo much fun with the Vegas games on 360.

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Oh man, I just realized this was supposed to be something in the works, too.

I remember the article talking about the story experimenting with the idea of homegrown terrorism and found it intriguing. I know we're only a few months removed from the tragic Boston bombings, but I don't think that'd be reason for them to not talk about Rainbow 6: Patriots at all.

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I really hope not. I don't think that it's going to come out in 2013 that's for sure.

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I loved everything about Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2, especially terrorist hunt. I want this game to come out but only if it has a similar feel to the last couple of games, otherwise it would just be another military shooter

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The initial trailer made it seem like it was chasing CoD money, so I'm not concerned either way.

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God I hope not, that concept seemed cool and the story engaged me. One of the videos I remember was a group of guys barging into an executive's office, strapped a bomb to him, pushing him out the window of a sixty story building, and then detonating him above the street.

I do recall that much of what I saw of that game was taking 'business executives' hostage, putting bombs on them and then making them run away only to detonate them in crowds. I wonder if 'business executives' at the publisher started to feel uncomfortable with that imagery? LOL.

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I think this game has been in development too long considering the themes that early trailer were hinting at. Occupy Wall street is so 2011. If they went ahead and released it with that theme next year it would look downright anachronistic.

If they stick to the domestic terrorism angle, expect considerable retooling.

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