Any RSV2 Giantbombers?

#1 Posted by i69edUrGpa (586 posts) -

Hey guys, is there anyone here who would want to get a few people togethor and get some RSV2 GiantBomb games going? If so, add me on XBL as "merlinisg0d" 
Cheers, i69edUrGpa
#2 Posted by maxvandenderen (22 posts) -

Guilty as charged. Did expect more people here, considering the amount of people online.

#3 Posted by SammydesinasNL (840 posts) -

Yes, but haven't played in a while I'm elite 2 
My GT is the same as my GB username.
#4 Posted by JCrichton (55 posts) -

JCrichton77 on psn and xbox live. Terrorist hunts and co-op

#5 Posted by peligroy2k (247 posts) -

Hit me peligro2k

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