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Solid game.

There has been so many RainbowSix games since 1996.Iv played most of them.Starting with the n64 Rainbow Six.Its definitly not anything like doom or halo.But the franchise has changed alot since those days.Lets see if its still worth playing.

Graphics-The graphics are good.Textures are fine,lighting is fine,details are fine,characters models are fine,ect.But these graphics are actually a big downgrade from Vegas 1.This game actaully looks ugly at times.Ubisoft should of stuck with the casinos instead of this boring back way.Vegas has never look worse.

Gameplay-The game plays very well.The gameplay is definetly better then Vegas 1.In Vegas 2 you can sprint,tell teamates to throw grenades,ect.The game really feel userfriendly.And the new Aces system and ranking up system adds replayability to the game.

Story- The story is nothing special.Sure you got a few surprising plot twist, but its really just boring and we have all seen it before.

SIngle Player- This is another point where the game is bad.The single player actaully feels tacked on.the enemies feel very scripted and you feel like your playing a half finished game.I usually see enemies floating around with thier feet not even touching the ground.When they arent being stupid, they are smart.They flank you and take cover the smart way.Anyway, this single player really feels like a rip off compared to Vegas 1`s surpisingly good single player.Just feels taked on...

Multiplayer-Ok, this is where the game is worth buying.The multiplayer is very fun at times.When I first got the game,I usually played it 5 hours straight every night, and then some.The customization is something youll love.And there are plenty of game modes to keep you busy.Even the matchmaking is easyier to use.My only complaint is geting kicked from game by lots of immature hosts and lack of fun maps.

overall- This isnt really what I thought it would be.But thats not a terrible thing.The game is really good.Though I kinda miss the way R6 used to play.

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