exists's Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 (Xbox 360) review

It's RB6:Vegas 1.5 but it's still a great game!

[The Good]
- Realistic mode > It can be a pain sometimes but it's the way to do it, also extends the single player significantly, start the game on Realistic the first time around.

- Solo mission > A la Splinter Cell, there's a great mission that should not be missed and should only be played on Realistic, it can be a pain but worth it for Sam fans.

- Leveling > Leveling up in Single player mode is more than welcome. Receiving upgrades as you go as well as details for what kind of shots you accomplished and experience points. Are we slowly getting into RPG territory? I hope so.

- Gameplay > Nothing much changed (a good thing), still very good controls although I wish the snake cam button would be different than the open door control, it sometimes triggers the open door and ends up with unintended results Sprinting is a pretty good plus, was definitely missing in previous version.

- Online > Best online shooter? Definitely in the top 5. Co-op is always welcome.

- Enemy AI > On hard mode, they're quite agressive

[The Bad]
- Wow factor > It's just missing something that would take it to the next level, it's becoming a bit repetitive, needs some new gameplay elements, story, better presentation...

- Presentation > Quite average, expected better visuals

- Location > The areas/environments where you're playing some of the missions are not that exciting, back alleys of Vegas not that exciting.

- Story > Really weak in the story department, adding some cut-scenes and more depth wouldn't hurt

- Achievements > Not a fan of too many online achievements, single player should have more points in my personal opinion, see what COD4 did.


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