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This reivew is sorely on the single-player compaign becuase I don't have Xbox Live. I've heard that the online is superior to the single player, so that factors into my review by raising my origanal single player score of 7.5 to an 8.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a direct sequal to R6V 1, and you'll see that the gameplay is bascally the same. There is more customization, which is awesome, and the added sprint-feature gives the game a faster pace. You assume the role of a squad leader in an anti-terriost organization as you battle, well, terriosts. The story is okay, but it's nothing special. The game progresses as you make it from point A to point B while out smarting hundreds of terriost that are spread out between the campaign's relatively short adventure.

The gameplay has been refinded alot over the serie's history ensureing you will have a good time. You can take cover, zoom in your weapon, use a veriety of gadgets to find your enemies, and command the two guys that are always by your side, that is, unless they glitch and run off somewhere else.

The main thing that keeps this game from reaching the bar set by other FPS's such as Call of Duty 4, is that there are alot of glitches. You die without knowing what hit you, your teamates don't do what you ask them and the frame rate drops alot, even though the graphics aren't such an improvement over the last R6 game.

The sound is good, and the save feature works well (even if the check points are a little more spread out than desired), but over all the presentation is above average. The gameplay, when it is working well (which is most of the time) is great fun, and worth renting or buying depending on how much you like the genre.

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