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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...

    In 2006 Ubisoft released the all popular "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas" an intricate, squad based, first person shooter, that gamers everywhere embraced. Now the Rainbow Squad is back, and they're better than ever. 

    Vegas 2  looks really...really good. The textures are great, and the charecter models are crisp and even. The game takes you through some really neat environments ranging from Vegas to Mexico, and all the  way to France. No matter where you are the visuals will always be along for the ride.
    The Campaign is probably Vegas 2's weakest point. The story is boring, and at times hard to follow, but it provides you with some really great action, which will prepare you for the extremely addictive and immersible online experience . The campaign is very tough. Even on the lowest difficulty the game, will challenge you. You take up the role as Bishop, Rainbow squad's leader, you're job is to combat terrorists...again. You will be sent into Vegas theaters, bars, hotels, and casinos to fend off the terrorists. The campaign can be much more enjoyable if you co-op locally or through XBL and PSN.

    One thing that made Rainbow Six Vegas so enjoyable was it's incredibly natural and simple control system. Why change something if it is successful? That is what Ubisoft felt, so the controls are the same great controls. The squad commands are very diverse, but the  control system makes it seem incredibly simple, and really makes you feel like you're the one in charge. They also bring back the Unreal Engine, with it's excellent cover system. Trust me you will learn to really...really love cover in this game, because you will use it a lot.

    The online modes are Vegas 2's bread and butter. They stick to the recipe for success that left Vegas fan's drooling for more. The modes are simple and really addicting. Terrorist Hunt  which you can play locally or online, is basically playing through maps trying to kill a  predetermined  number of terrorists for each map. Versus mode, which is also local and Online, gives you a really fun way to stack up your skills against your friends. Versus is comprised of six modes ranging from Team Deathmatch to capture the map. The online really takes Vegas 2 from a mediocre game, to a really memorable one.

Overall Vegas 2 is one of the best shooters of 2008, and will always be remembered for it's co-op abilities, and its excellent cover system. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is a no brainier to buy.

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