Here's Mr. Ironside talking about Fisher leading up to Blacklist.

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It's sad to see someone who put so much time into a character have to leave because of poor direction from the company that owns the name. How do you guys feel about it?

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Blacklist really does look awful. Poor direction is an understatement. Great actor who brought a lot to Sam Fisher. Double Agent was the last one for me, but Conviction still had a strong Sam Fisher character and I feel the story made it a great finish to the series. The gameplay, not so much...

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i find the direction they are taking the series in general is horrible. it's really a different game entirely and sadly nothing like the old splinter cells

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I think it looks fine and could really care less who voices Sam or how old he is. I want David Hayter doing Solid Snake but Sam Fischer? Ehh whatever, just get a gruffy dood. I don't mind trying something different so the new Blacklist looks interesting.

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I just watched the E3 video and it reminded me a lot of Assassins Creed. Ironically I want both games to be more sneaking, less killing but both are heading the way of killing as many people as possible in the most bombastic ways possible. And I wouldn't mind the change in voice cast but to get a young dude while Fischer is clearly in his late 40's if not in his 50's is stupid, that's what I'm frustrated with.

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This just makes me like Ironside even more, and dislike Blacklist even more. I really don't care for the direction they have taken the game. Conviction was an okay game, but it did not feel like a Splinter Cell game. 

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Ironside was a perfect fit for Fisher, and i'm sad that he is remove from the series. But maybe its for the best, Conviction was horrible, and Blacksite looks like a big pile of dog feces. I was dumb enough to actually buy Conviction, that won't happen this time though.

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Sad to see all old series turning into shit, RE6, SC, MGR [spinoff, but still, looks horrible], H5 [i dont have too high hopes]...

Good decision Ironside.

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Hm... That's too bad. I think the game looks great. I was hoping in the next one they'd make it so he has more physical combat, and he surely does.

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Splinter Cell: Conviction was a fun game, and I am happy that I own it. However, like a lot of people have said, it wasn't a traditional Splinter Cell game. It still kept the stealth Mechanics, but it was more action-focused. That didn't bother me, though. What bothered me was the pissed off mercenaries spewing profanities as they searched for Fisher. It got way too repetitive.

I'm upset that Michael Ironside is not coming back as Sam Fisher again, mainly because he was that character. At the same time, I have to say I respect him for leaving the series because he was not happy with it's direction. That sounds like a perfectly good reason to me.

The new game Blacklist looks pretty cool, but it's going to be a little distracting at first to hear a new voice actor playing Fisher. I do believe I'll warm up to it.

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