Splinter Cell 3D Theme by Amon Tobin

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The game itself will probably be the same ol' Chaos Theory with terrible graphics and clunky controls (AND ZOH MY GAW EYE POPPING 3D), and the soundtrack for the game (a remixed Chaos Theory) is mediocre but the first track of said OST (not a remix) by Amon Tobin is freaking great.

  This man needs to return for Splinter Cell 6.
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Wasn't conviction the 5th one?

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@EuanDewar:  Subconsciously I was blocking out that Conviction is a Splinter Cell har har har.. 
I didn't even finish that game.. I almost got to the end and then said to myself "This sucks" and stopped
ok i fixed it
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That whole album rules. The last track is my favourite.

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