Anybody want to play through co-op on Realistic? (No Mic)

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So, I just finished the singleplayer campaign on Realistic a while ago and want to try out the co-op campaign next. Problem is, none of my friends are playing the game and my brother stole my mic, and I won't be able to get it back before I have to bring the game back. Naturally this screws me over when trying to find a random person over Xbox Live, since they usually leave when they find out I'm not talking.  
I'm not sure how long the co-op campaign is, but I'm in for one or two missions per session depending on how long it takes. If anybody that doesn't mind my lack of mic or lacks one themselves wants to play through, toss me a friend request on Xbox Live and an invite whenever you want to play. My Gamertag is Flanden.

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@Hourai: I shall hit you up. Might not work best though because your Canadian and Im all English
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@Pie: Whoops, I just came off the 360. Do you want to play now or in an hour or two?
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@Hourai: When I sent you a friend request it said you'd been offline for a minute :P 
It's nearly half nine at night so i'll only get an hour or so in now
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@Pie said:
" @Hourai: When I sent you a friend request it said you'd been offline for a minute :P It's nearly half nine at night so i'll only get an hour or so in now "
I'm heading back on now, we can do the first mission for now and the rest sometime tomorrow or the next day. Hopefully the connection works fine :)
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Now I'm jealous, you get to play with Pie!

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@DJJoeJoe: Ahhh, the satisfaction....
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@Hourai: And so our Journey comes to an end with me victorious!
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@Pie said:
" @Hourai: And so our Journey comes to an end with me victorious! "
Man, I had no idea there was some sort of deathmatch coming at the end. You whooped my ass.
Good fun though, even with all our deaths :P
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Ditto for anyone who wants to get some deniable ops / co-op on.

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Suppose I should have put my GT ( blamesimian )

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I wanna play too! My favorite pie is blueberry pie, but I also like peach pie. Not apple pie though, because Apple sucks. I also like long walks on the beach and sushi conveyor belts. But only if there's no asshole sitting near the entrance that picks up all the good stuff. How about using some manners, you jerk!

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Pie moved on from splinter cell ya know, he's into spaz and less core shit now. Maybe we can bro out and play some mount and blade someday but pie has other arrangements with people so ya know. probably not


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@Pie: It's because I ate your sister, isn't it? I told you, it was an accident. I tripped and she fell in my mouth. Honest!

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@Enigma777: We don't talk about my sister anymore and I'd appreciate if you'd just lay off with your moves for the time being.

Also from what I heard I was sitting watching at the time but because I have certain difficulties I couldn't take in the situation around me properly but rest assured that when I do find out what I saw somebody's hat is going out the window and I won't be held responsible for what happens to the hat after ejection from window by the means of my hand (pastry hand). jU==ST Lay off man

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