Buying or Renting?

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It seems a lot of people are splint between buying this game or simply renting.  I personally am renting for now, but what about you?

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Neither because the DRM is retarded

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If I'm going to play it, it'll be bought. I never rent games anymore for some unexplainable reason. 
That said though, it's far from on my must have list so when I do decide to buy it, it'll be on the cheap.
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I haven't decided whether I'm going to rent or buy, but either way, I'll be playing this on Xbox 360. I just built a bad ass new gaming PC and I would like nothing more than to play Conviction on it, but Ubisoft's new DRM is absolute nonsense.

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Er wheres the poll choice for pirating?.... 
ooh that was a joke. really a joke! im buying it looks awesome 

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The Demo impressed me so much that I'm buying it.

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i bought it. it comes in the mail later today! huzzah!

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Buying, I have it pre-ordered.

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@Davvyk said:
" Er wheres the poll choice for pirating?....  ooh that was a joke. really a joke! im buying it looks awesome  "
Has anyone even cracked the new DRM?
Also i'm buying on the 360
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Well, I missed out on buying it for under $40 new. It won't be down to that price again for some time. I'll probably end up buying it on steam about 5 years from now when it's down to about $10 on sale. Might have been a different story if I had actually been able to finish Double Agent.

#13 Posted by JJOR64 (19070 posts) -
@nanikore said:
" Neither. "
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I... ordered it on Amazon for like $15 off.  Unfortunately, they're being super-giant-mega-assholes and not shipping it until the 19th, meaning I won't get it until the 26th-30th.  Very unfortunate. =\

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On the fence. I'll get back to you.

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