Giant Bomb getting quoted

#1 Posted by sopranosfan (1965 posts) -
#2 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1870 posts) -

Go Giant Bomb!  Go Giant Bomb!

#3 Posted by CitizenKane (10752 posts) -

Our world domination plot is falling into place...

#4 Posted by GamerGeek360 (2089 posts) -
@CitizenKane said:
" Our world domination plot is falling into place... "
Especially if Yahoo is quoting us. Because there is nothing bigger in the world than the media outlet that is Yahoo.
#5 Posted by Joker369 (928 posts) -

Finally GB is starting to get some respect

#6 Posted by HeyLookIJust (34 posts) -

YAY woot GiantBomb!!!!  I love this website almost as much as a pair of David Bowie shaped shoes.

#7 Posted by Jimbo (10267 posts) -

"Gone is much of the steathy, softly-softly sneaking about that characterized the early games in this Ubisoft series -- and instead Conviction's packed with lashings and lashings of action-heavy gunplay. That's "a huge risk," according to IGN..."
lolwut?  'Huge risk'?  'Make it more like Gears' is the safest decision in gaming right now.  
I think they misrepresent Jeff's position too.

#8 Posted by oraknabo (1589 posts) -

Yeah I think they completely missed the point of the Bourne comparison.

#9 Posted by Jeffsekai (7155 posts) -
@sopranosfan: This isn't the first time I've seen Giantbomb be quoted. I was doing a course for Microsoft and they were talking about Fable 2 and there was a Quote from Brad saying somehting about Fable 2, I asked Brad if he knew about it and he did not. pretty neat.
#10 Posted by sopranosfan (1965 posts) -
@Jeffsekai: I thought they may have been quoted before but I just know that I don't see it as much as the big 4 or 5 that you see all the time and I am glad to see them getting quoted every now and then.

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