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I bought one of the new xbox 360's less than a week ago and I bought splinter cell conviction today and I tried to play it and it kept saying that the disk was unreadable, but I have tried it on two other 360's and It works fine. But my 360 plays all the other games I have fine without any trouble...should I be worried?. Any help would be appriciated thanks guys.
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i need somebody

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Damn. I'd say call/tweet/e-mail xbox support and see if theres a quick fix for the disc or the console. If not check your warranty for from the store you purchased it from.
Like a 30 day "return it if it doesn't work and we'll replace it" sort of a thing. I *THINK* some places do 30 day returns. If not go the route of xbox and have them replace or repair your xbox, most likely for free. Sorry this is a week late, and I don't really know what I'm talking about, but I've dealt with 2 failed xboxs over the past 3 years- if that gives me some sort of knowledge to help, I dunno. I hope it works out well for you man and hopefully by this time your problem is already resolved.   :-)
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I have already sorted it out, it was the disc not the console :). Thanks though mate

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