How far am I? Spoilers of course...

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Just curious how close I am to the end of this excellent game? I'm at the point where I just met my daughter and our helo got blown out of the sky. I'm required to leave the theater. Am I close, am I am I? 
I can't stop playing the game. I've played every game in the series but they haven't held my attention long enough to complete them like this one has. I'm having a blast!
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You're on the next-to-last mission .
The last one, obviously, is the White House.

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Thank ya!

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Through most of the White House. I kinda feel cheated that the game is so short, but at the same time I like it because I don't lose interest because of an insanely long game. But I do have the whole coop campaign to go through so I guess I'm good to go. :) Something I don't think folks realize when it comes to game length is that it has to be insanely hard to come up with so many hours of content, especially with a game like SS. I mean if you think about it, an action movie of this magnitude would only be an hour and a half to two hours max, so you really have to appreciate what the writers come up with to stretch the games out.

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