I hate the Iraq mission

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Why in the Clancy games do they like to set you up with great skills, get you used to them and then spend a big chunk of their painfully short single-player story mode forcing you to play a level without any of the skills you're used to using?  
This isn't an abilitease -- they do it fairly far into the game. This is the same as the Rainbow Six Vegas 2 mission where they make you go in without your guys.  
If I wanted to play another generic military shooter I would. I am playing this game for silencers and stealth kills that earn executions. Why are you making me play some guy in Iraq with a broken AK-47? 

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I had to retry most of the sections in that level a few times and I agree with you that a stealth game doesn't work as a shooter but the end of that area is great, story-wise.

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