IGNs score..

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Presentation - 9.0

Graphics - 8.5

Sound - 9.0

Gameplay - 9.0

Lasting Appeal - 8.0

Overall - 9.3??

I just don't understand where the overall score came from.. if you average the sub-categories out you get an 8.7

And while I realize that they don't base their "Overall" scores off of the average, it certainly doesn't seem like the overall score should be higher than any of the sub-categories' scores.  I just find their final score to be rather odd...
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IGN usually doesn't take the exact average. They add some opinionated bells and whistles. It's a great game none the less.

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They don't base their overall score off of the average.
Sometimes, a game can be more than the sum of its parts.

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The Overall score is more a general "feel". Don't go by IGN scores. They're mocked for "Presentation - . Graphics, etc". Read the review I guess, though I dislike IGN reviews because they don't have a page limit.

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Because on IGN/GameSpot, anything less than a 9.0 is a bad game.

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It's Hilary Goldstein.  Don't look for logic there.

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8.7 or 9.3, who gives a shit?

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It's a sum of it's parts kinda thing. If I had to review, say Yakuza 3 I'd do: 

Presentation - 5.0

Graphics - 7.9

Sound - 8

Gameplay - 7.5

Lasting Appeal - 7 

Overall? 8.5 easy. Fun game.   
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Isn't there a disclaimer at the bottom of their score that explicitly states it's not an average?
In any case, I wouldn't put a lot of stock into the specificity of the score. They liked it, and that's really the bottom line.

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Already a topic on this.

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Is that the US IGN score, i mean they will have different one for the UK and AUS. That doesnt make sense.

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That does not change the fact that the game is 5 hours long on normal.
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This game was a major disappointment for me.

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@FirePrince said:
" That does not change the fact that the game is 5 hours long on normal. "
While this is an issue for me, bear in mind there are a lot of challenges, similar to Arkham Asylum, as well as co-op missions and multiplayer modes.
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Of course I am aware of that,and I am even playing them,because every mode is awesome.  
But dude,5 hours.That is inhumane for a game of this caliber.

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When ubisoft leaves a breifcase full of money on ign's desk, it will score whatever ubisoft or anyone else with alot of money want it to score. That's the ign way, developer pressure will always influence the score. I bet when the reviews rolls in from other sites, it would be like a 87% game at the very end.

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why are you bitching about this?
review scores are beneath us.

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IGN reviews are pretty awful, they've been bad for a while though. 

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The overall came from IGN wanting to avoid a million "why so low" threads from lifeless retards.

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IDK, but whoever wrote it is retarded. They basically wrote a summary of what the game's features are and then slapped a score on it. That wasn't a review, it was a fucking back-of-the-box features list.

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I would guess the reviewer believed it to be more than the sum of it's parts.

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Don't forget, Giantbomb gave MW2 a 5/5....

I believe it's a matter of takes, and to some number of reasons (like 500000 reasons if you see what I mean).
Who knows? Maybe it's actually his thought.

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Game Informer gave it a 9, the same score they gave Metro 2033. So take that for whatever it's worth.

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Lasting Appeal:9.0

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omg guys like I put the review score numbers in my calculator and they come up as different then what the reviewer had, omg broken review? 
If you want actually interesting to watch and informing reviews, try the gametrailers video reviews. Always enjoyable and always give great coverage to good and bad parts of the game while putting those parts into perspective. For instance they highlight the game's shortness but also that it's tight and well done, it's a great experience and while being short sucks it's better to be actually good and short then long and just ok, no one likes a game that drags.

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